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Features and applications of industrial oxygen concentration detectors

Industrial oxygen concentration detector characteristics and application areas, in the gas detector industry, there are various types of test gas instrumentation, of which the oxygen detector is also one of the very common gas detection instruments, Shanghai Zuo wall supply of gas detection instruments products are portable and fixed, portable detector, analyzer.

There are many occasions to test the oxygen concentration test used in the industrial environment, there is a need to test the high concentration purity of oxygen concentration, and there is a need to test the nitrogen replacement of low concentration of oxygen. In particular, the working conditions of the low oxygen environment require a very high precision oxygen detector, its process is use high-purity nitrogen replacement gas, to control the concentration of oxygen, requiring the lower the oxygen in the pipeline or sealed tank, the better to avoid the occurrence of dangerous or some oxidation reaction.

Industrial use of oxygen concentration detectors has what characteristics?

1. Industrial use of oxygen concentration detection special instrument.
2. Measurement range requirements are divided into three categories, trace oxygen, human oxygen, and purity oxygen which are the main three types of ranges as representative.
3. Explosion-proof design.
4. use the form of portable, fixed, online, handheld, and portable these forms of appearance, style gas detectors.
5. There are mainly representative of the three measurement principles for the zirconia principle, electrochemical, ion flow oxygen sensors manufactured by different

Industrial oxygen concentration detector application areas: industrial oxygen detection measurement and content testing are mainly used in the field of nitrogen and oxygen production, chemical and smelting industry oxygen concentration control, such as the semiconductor protective gas in the oxygen trace concentration detection, high temperature furnace sent oxygen concentration detection, combustion efficiency testing; plant and animal culture, vegetables, food processing and storage process oxygen concentration control to prevent high oxidation concentration; can also be used in the family oxygen concentration measurement to understand; ships, underground command centers, tunnels, deep wells, human defense projects, urban pits in oxygen concentration human safety needs and other concentration control.

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