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How to choose the installation site of nitrogen generator?
The selection of the installation site of the nitrogen generator is the most neglected by the staff. Often after the nitrogen generator is purchased, a place is found at will, and it is used immediately after piping, without any prior planning. However, such a sloppy result will lead to the failure of the nitrogen generator, maintenance difficulties and poor air quality in the future. Therefore, a proper installation site is a prerequisite for the correct use of the nitrogen generator system:
(1) Choose a spacious place with good lighting to facilitate the space and lighting required for operation, maintenance and repair.
(2) Choose a place with low air humidity, less dust, freshness and good ventilation, and avoid water mist, acid mist, oil mist, dusty and fibrous environment.
(3) According to the requirements of GB50029-2003 "Code for Design of Compressed Air Station", the heating temperature of the compressed air station machine room should not be lower than 15℃, and the temperature of the machine room during non-working hours should not be lower than 5℃.
(4) When the suction port of the nitrogen generator or the cooling air suction port of the unit is located indoors, the indoor ambient temperature should not be greater than 40°C.
(5) If the factory environment is poor and there is a lot of dust, pre-filter equipment must be installed to ensure the service life of the nitrogen generator system parts.
(6) Reserve passage and maintenance space, according to the requirements of GB50029-2003 "Code for Design of Compressed Air Station", the width of the passage between the nitrogen generator and the wall is 0.8-1.5 meters according to the size of the exhaust volume.

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