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How to determine the amount of nitrogen generator needed?
1. If bottled nitrogen is used, the hourly nitrogen usage can be calculated based on the amount of bottled nitrogen used. When purchasing a nitrogen generator, you can appropriately increase the flow rate to ensure that there is a margin. If you do not use bottled nitrogen, you can also buy it first and then make an experimental calculation.
2. If you are using liquid nitrogen, you can also calculate the amount of nitrogen required per hour according to the amount of liquid nitrogen used. On this basis, put some allowance to select the model of the nitrogen generator.
3. If the nitrogen-filled box is a box or has space, the approximate nitrogen usage can also be calculated according to the volume of the box, the space of the item and other factors.
4. There are some machines that need to use nitrogen. The engineer of the machine manufacturer will provide the amount of nitrogen used, which can be directly used as a reference for the selection of nitrogen generators.

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