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How to extend the service life of nitrogen generator?
Nitrogen generators are used in many industries, such as petrochemical, coal chemical, natural gas chemical, heat treatment, bright annealing, protective heating, green grain storage, food nitrogen-filled packaging, vegetable preservation, wine sealing (canning) and preservation, etc. . If the nitrogen generator is used for a long time, the loss of the machine will be very large. Therefore, the nitrogen generator must be maintained in the daily operation process to effectively prolong the service life of the nitrogen generator.
1. It is necessary to ensure that the supporting equipment such as refrigeration dryers and suction dryers work normally, and must be operated according to the instruction manual. The normal operation of air drying equipment is crucial to nitrogen production equipment.
2. Check the performance indicators such as the purity and gas production of the nitrogen making equipment; check whether the oxygen measuring instrument (oxygen analyzer) equipped with the nitrogen making equipment works normally, and whether the oxygen electrode needs to be replaced.
3. The pipeline filter should be checked regularly and the filter element should be replaced on time. The service life of the filter element is generally 2000-4000 working hours (depending on the air quality of the equipment used); the activated carbon in the activated carbon filter must be replaced for 7000 hours; the gas storage Tanks should be drained regularly.
4. If a large amount of powder is found at the outlet of the nitrogen generator, it means that aging or pulverization has occurred, and it is necessary to deal with it in time and replace the equipment filler.

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