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How to match the air compressor to the nitrogen generator?
How to match the air compressor to the nitrogen generator? This is a problem that plagues many customers.
First of all, it is necessary to clarify the parameter requirements of the nitrogen generator (flow rate, purity, pressure, dew point, etc.), and only in this way can the correct air compressor selection be made. The choice of air compressor flow rate must be greater than the finished nitrogen flow rate. In a general nitrogen production system, the air outlet from the air compressor is connected to the air storage tank, the air storage tank is connected to the refrigerating machine and the precision filter, and then enters the nitrogen generator and the finished nitrogen storage tank, and finally reaches the final gas consumption point. It is actually very simple to match an air compressor to a nitrogen generator. It mainly depends on the purity of nitrogen you need. The higher the purity, the greater the amount of air required, so the power of the air compressor will be greater, and vice versa. Generally, a nitrogen generator with a purity of 99% is equipped with an air compressor in a ratio of 3:1. For example, if the nitrogen flow rate is 100 cubic meters per hour, the air handling capacity required by the air compressor is 300 cubic meters. Generally, the air handling capacity marked by the air compressor manufacturer is marked in minutes. It is 5 cubic meters per minute, then the air compressor can handle as long as it is larger than this value. Nitrogen purity above 99% is calculated by analogy with a specific ratio. As for the pressure of the air compressor, generally 0.8MPa can be used.
Next, choose the type of air compressor. At present, the widely used air compressors are mainly divided into two categories: screw air compressors and piston air compressors. These two types of air compressors have their own characteristics and can be used in nitrogen production systems. For small nitrogen making systems, a cheaper piston air compressor can be used. There are two types of piston air compressors: oil-free lubrication and oil-lubricated. For the nitrogen production system, it is necessary to use the oil-free lubrication model. For medium and large nitrogen production systems, screw air compressors are generally used. There are also two types of screw air compressors: oil-free screw machine and oil-free screw machine. Considering the price of oil-free screw machine is extremely expensive, micro-oil screw machine can be used, but the back end must have a purification part (cold dryer and precision machine). filter) to keep the compressed air relatively clean.

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