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How to maximize the working efficiency of the nitrogen generator?
1. Before using the nitrogen generator, the user needs to read the nitrogen generator operating manual carefully and accept the operation training from the manufacturer.
2. The installation site of the nitrogen generator should be reasonable and should not be too far from the final gas point. A wide place with good lighting is required, but outdoor installation and use should be avoided. The piping design needs to be reasonable. Too far distance and too many bends will increase the pipeline cost and increase the possibility of pipeline leakage. It will also lead to more pipeline losses and greatly reduce the utilization rate of finished nitrogen.
3. In order to save electricity, users should pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the nitrogen generator room, and open flames are strictly prohibited. If the working environment temperature of the nitrogen generator is too high, the efficiency of the nitrogen generator will be reduced and the energy consumption will be increased.
4. The nitrogen generator room should be kept clean and tidy, avoiding excessive water mist, acid mist, oil mist, dust and fibers. These substances can easily block the air filter, oil filter, and oil-air separator, and accelerate the contamination of lubricating oil, which leads to the need to speed up the replacement frequency, and ultimately increases the overall operating cost of the equipment.
5. A special person shall be responsible for daily routine inspection and regular maintenance of the nitrogen generator, fill in the record form completely, and pay attention to use the original accessories as much as possible. If the nitrogen generator is not maintained properly or is not maintained for a long time, small problems will accumulate into major failures, which will eventually seriously affect the service life of the nitrogen generator.
6. If any abnormal phenomenon occurs during the operation, the nitrogen generator should be stopped immediately, and the after-sales department of the manufacturer should be contacted for troubleshooting and troubleshooting as soon as possible. Do not disassemble or assemble the nitrogen generator without permission.

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