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How to Safely Fill Nitrogen Cylinders?

Nitrogen filling safety operation procedures

  1. Snap the inspected and qualified gas cylinders into the No.1 (No.2) sink in turn and tighten them, and open the above-mentioned bottle valves to observe whether there is gas leakage.
  2. Open the main valve of No.1 (No.2) sink row and close the pump venting valve at the same time to fill the cylinder.
  3. When filling the bottle, check the temperature rise of each bottle and the leakage of each point twice when the pressure rises to 8.91Mpa and 12.26Mpa respectively.
  4. In the inspection, if you find that some cylinders do not enter the air (no warming by hand touching the cylinder wall) or leakage should be dealt with in a timely manner, check whether the bottle valve is open when it does not enter the air, the leakage should be terminated when the filling of its leaky cylinders, but the pressure exceeds 9.8Mpa or is not easy to handle, to wait until the end of the filling of the row of cylinders, take off from the inflatable row to be dealt with.
  5. a group of filling at the same time can be another group of card loading.
  6. to be filled to 15MPa bottle pressure to close the No. 1 (No. 2) before the sink row valve should be slightly open No. 2 (No. 1) before the sink row valve, and then close the No. 1 (No. 2) valve, and fully open the No.2.

(1) the next group of general valve filling (remember to slow, to avoid the impact of differential pressure between the import and export of the general valve, so that the export section of the pipeline has instantaneous adiabatic compression and accidents), and then, the end of this row of filling the bottle valve of each cylinder closed, slowly open the bleeder valve, and wait for the pipeline pressure to drop below 0.96Mpa, unload the cylinder from the filling row, after passing the inspection, put on the bottle cap and send it to the warehouse or designated location 7.

7. filling speed can not be too fast each row filling time should not be less than 30 minutes.

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