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Importance of PSA Technology in Oxygen Generator

How does PSA Technology work in an Oxygen Generator?

PSA technology consists of two columns filled with a zeolite molecular sieve, which is pre-treated with a polymer to remove the oxygen from the air. When the oxygen is removed, it is replaced by nitrogen, which passes through the zeolite molecular sieve column and has one of its own. This process is continuous and the oxygen balance in either column changes very little over time. The nitrogen then passes through the polymer column to be adsorbed onto another material.
This means that PSA technology can be used in many different applications where you would normally use compressed air or nitrogen to remove oxygen. For example:
  • Medical x-ray machines
  • Automotive exhaust systems
  • Industrial furnaces
  • Refrigerators (for storing food and cooking food)
  • Fuel cells (powered by hydrogen)
99.6 High Purity Oxygen Plant主图
99.6 High Purity Oxygen Plant主图

What are the benefits of using PSA Technology in an Oxygen Generator?

Since oxygen-generating technology has been around for a few decades, it is possible that the technology was used in the past for many different purposes. Many people may have had various positive experiences with using technology and may still use it today. However, there are many uses of these technologies that have little to do with O2 generation.

To give you context, we believe that oxygen is an essential part of life and that it should be available in every home and workplace. Our Oxygen Generator is not a product for every household or workplace; it is just one example of a more general goal: to provide an affordable solution for those who want to generate their own O2.

We believe that this project will help people in many different ways: by providing them with a simple, effective way to use oxygen efficiently and effectively, they will save money; they will feel healthier; they will be less stressed and therefore live happier lives.; they will get more done at work or school; they will create more opportunities for their family; they will be better able to cope with current events (like the death of someone close); and so on.


Oxygen Generator Often is referred to as an "oxygenator", "Oxygenizer" or “Air Purifier”, Oxygen Generator is a clean room air purifying device. The device has three main components. The first one is the oxygen generator, the second one is the oxygen distribution and the third one is the media for the transfer of oxygen. In addition, it also has two sensors to detect oxygen levels in the air, and two canisters for gas separation.

Oxygen Generator FAQ: Q: How does it work? A: Oxygen Generator uses pure oxygen as its main component and adsorbs gases like nitrogen and carbon dioxide as well. All three gases are removed from the air stream before it enters the ozone generator chamber where they are separated into different parts of the system before being released back into the atmosphere after being purified by the ozone treatment system on top of this unit.
Oxygen Generator FAQ: Q: What kind of installation can I use with this product? A: You may use this unit not only at home but also in hospitals, schools, or other commercial establishments where there is no source of pure oxygen such as offices, manufacturing plants, etc. It is usually installed in an enclosed space such as a corridor or an elevator shaft so that it cannot get contaminated with normal indoor air which contains high levels of pollutants such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, volatile organic compounds, etc.
Oxygen Generator FAQ: Q: What does O2 Air Purifier do? A1: It removes all harmful gases from the indoor environment.

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