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Introduction to The Working Principle and Process of Medical Molecular Sieve Oxygen Machine

Working principle

The molecular sieve oxygen generator separates the air part mainly by two adsorption towers filled with molecular sieve, compressed air at room temperature through the air compressor, and then through the cold dryer to remove water drying treatment, after four filtering treatments into the adsorption tower, in the adsorption tower nitrogen in the air, such as molecular sieve adsorption, and oxygen in the gas phase to get enriched, from the outlet outflow stored in the oxygen buffer tank, and in the other tower has completed the adsorption of Molecular sieve in the other tower has completed the adsorption of the molecular sieve is rapidly depressurized, the analysis of the adsorbed components, two towers alternate cycle, you can get the purity of ≥ 90% of oxygen. The automatic valve switching of the whole system operates effectively through a microcomputer control system.

Technical features

  1. Convenience

    The raw material is air, easy to obtain, the pipeline is connected, and oxygen does not need to be transported, with the advantages of low operating costs, low energy consumption, and high efficiency.
    Automatic control operation by electromechanical integration design, safe and easy to operate.
    On the basis of the original central oxygen supply system, install the PSA oxygen production equipment installed on the original pipeline can be used.

  2. Safety:

    PSA medical molecular sieve oxygen generator is the application of variable pressure adsorption technology to separate the oxygen from the air, there is no link between transportation and sub-assembly, which reduces the safety hazards.
    Equipped with an automatic fault alarm system as well as a self-start function, it adopts an imported PLC automatic control system, the oxygen flow, pressure, and purity are adjustable and continuously displayed, and the pressure, flow, and purity alarm can be set and realize remote automatic control and detection measurement to realize real unmanned operation. The advanced control system makes the operation simpler, can realize unattended and remote operation, and can monitor various working conditions in real-time, so as to ensure gas purity and flow stability.

  3. Economy:

    PSA oxygen production, economic and environmental protection, low cost, high efficiency.

  4. Long service life:

    Original imported configuration of core components, reliable operation, smooth running, long service life, low failure rate, easy maintenance, and low maintenance cost.
    Advanced molecular sieve filling technology, so that the molecular sieve distribution is uniform, and not easy to pulverize; adsorption tower using multi-stage airflow distribution device and balance, so that the molecular sieve adsorption capacity to maintain the pressure state, so as to ensure that the adsorption process does not produce fluidization phenomenon, effectively extending the service life of molecular sieve.

  5. Perfect after-sales service:

    The company has strong technical strength and high-quality after-sales service, providing continuous technical support, so that users have no worries.

Process Flow

After the air is compressed by the air compressor, through the dust removal, oil removal, and drying, into the air storage tank, through the air inlet valve, left inlet valve into the left adsorption tower, the tower pressure rises, the nitrogen molecules in the compressed air is adsorbed by the molecular sieve, unadsorbed oxygen through the adsorption bed, through the left gas production valve, oxygen gas production valve into the oxygen storage tank, this process is called left suction, the duration of a few tens of seconds. After the left adsorption process, the left adsorption tower and the right adsorption tower are connected through the equalization valve to equalize the pressure of the two towers, which is called equalization pressure, and lasts for about 5 seconds. After the equalization, the compressed air enters the right adsorption tower through the air inlet valve and the right inlet valve, the nitrogen molecules in the compressed air are adsorbed by the molecular sieve, and the enriched oxygen enters the oxygen storage tank through the right gas production valve and the oxygen production valve, this process is called right suction and lasts for several tens of seconds. At the same time, the nitrogen adsorbed by the molecular sieve in the left adsorption tower is released to the atmosphere through the left exhaust valve under reduced pressure, and this process is called desorption. Conversely, when the left tower adsorbs, the right tower also desorbs at the same time. In order to make the nitrogen released from the molecular sieve under reduced pressure completely released to the atmosphere, oxygen is blown out of the adsorption tower through a back-blow valve that is always open to blow the nitrogen out of the tower. This process is called back-blowing, and it is carried out simultaneously with desorption. At the end of the right adsorption process, it enters the equalization process, which continues in a cycle, thus producing high-purity oxygen continuously.

the Scope of The Application

medical molecular sieve oxygen generator is mainly used in hospital new construction, expansion, and reconstruction of the central oxygen supply system as an oxygen source for hospital operating rooms, rescue rooms, hyperbaric chambers, and other wards for patients with oxygen, but also in the highland hypoxia area hotels, tourist attractions, large oxygen bars, nursing homes, etc., can also be used as a source of oxygen through pressurization of bottled oxygen in tanks.



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