Working principle of nitrogen generator system


The nitrogen producer is a nitrogen generator. The nitrogen generator is an advanced gas separation technology. It uses high-quality imported carbon molecular sieve (CMS) as the adsorbent, and uses the principle of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to separate air at room temperature and produce high-purity nitrogen. Its main application areas are: medical institutions, aerospace, nuclear energy and nuclear energy, food and medicine, petrochemical industry, electronics industry, material industry, national defense industry, scientific experiments and other fields.


nitrogen generator system


Working principle of nitrogen generator system:


Nitrogen and oxygen gas molecules have different diffusion rates on the surface of molecular sieves. Gas molecules with smaller diameters (O2) have a faster diffusion rate, and more gas molecules enter the pores of carbon molecular sieves. Gas molecules with larger diameters (N2) have a higher diffusion rate. Slower, less micropores into the carbon molecular sieve. The difference in selective adsorption of nitrogen and oxygen by carbon molecular sieves leads to enrichment of oxygen in the adsorption phase and enrichment of nitrogen in the gas phase in a short period of time, so that oxygen and nitrogen are separated, and nitrogen gas, a gas phase enrichment, is obtained under PSA conditions.


The difference curve of carbon molecular sieve adsorption amount of oxygen and nitrogen in a certain period of time under different pressures:


After a period of time, the adsorption of oxygen by the molecular sieve reaches equilibrium. According to the different characteristics of the adsorption amount of the adsorbed gas by the carbon molecular sieve under different pressures, the pressure is lowered so that the carbon molecular sieve can release the adsorption of oxygen. This process is regeneration. According to the different regeneration pressure, it can be divided into vacuum regeneration and normal pressure regeneration. Atmospheric pressure regeneration is conducive to the complete regeneration of molecular sieves, and it is easy to obtain high-purity gases.


Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator (referred to as PSA nitrogen generator) is a nitrogen generating equipment designed and manufactured according to pressure swing adsorption technology. Usually, two adsorption towers are connected in parallel, and the automatic control system strictly controls the time sequence according to a specific programmable program, alternately performs pressurized adsorption and decompressed regeneration, completes the separation of nitrogen and oxygen, and obtains the required high-purity nitrogen.


The performance of the dynamic adsorption capacity and separation coefficient of carbon molecular sieve (CMS) determines the quality of the nitrogen generator.


If you use a nitrogen generator, especially a high-purity nitrogen generator, you should do a good job of removing oil and water from the inlet air. If the user's oil and water removal filters are not effective, the separation effect of the nitrogen generator's separation membrane or carbon molecular sieve will gradually become invalid as the service life increases.