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China 99 5 99 99 box type nitrogen gas generator

99.5%-99.99% Box-type Nitrogen Gas Generator

99.5%-99.99% box-type nitrogen gas generator from China factory is a device that uses air as raw material to obtain nitrogen by separating oxygen and nitrogen from it using physical methods.

Nitrogen Capacity: 1-300Nm³/hr
Nitrogen Purity: 99.5%-99.999%
Nitrogen Pressure: 0.1-0.7Mpa (adjustable)


Product Description

99.5%-99.99% box-type nitrogen gas generator from China factory is optimal designed and durable,  the structure of the equipment is compact and the size is small, so this machine is easy to clean. Our China Nitrogen Generator has many advantages, such as high purity, simple process, full automation, low operating cost and so on. we also supply other small nitrogen generators for your needs.

1. Parameter (Specification) of 99.5%-99.999% Box-type Nitrogen Gas Generator from supplier

Model Nitrogen Capacity Power Nitrogen Purity Feed Air Pressure Nitrogen Pressure
ZR-3 3Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99.5-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-5 5Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99.5-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-10 10Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99.5-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-15 15Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99.5-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-20 20Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99.5-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-25 25Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99.5-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-30 30Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99.5-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa

Remark: More models and specifications please contact us.
PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) is an advanced gas separation technology, which has an irreplaceable position in the field of current on-site gas supply. 99.5%-99.99% box-type nitrogen gas generators use compressed air as raw materials and carbon molecular sieves (CMS) as adsorbent to get high purity nitrogen based on the principle, which is pressure swing adsorption under normal temperature. 99.5%-99.99% box-type nitrogen gas generators manufacturer use two parallel adsorption towers, which are automatically running with pneumatic valves controlled by PLC, alternatively adsorb under pressure and regenerate without pressure, to separate nitrogen and oxygen, and get final required high purity nitrogen gas continuously.

2. Introduction of high-quality 99.5%-99.999% Box-type Nitrogen Gas Generator

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3. Features of advanced 99.5%-99.999% Box-type Nitrogen Gas Generator

1) The equipment adopts the brand-newly-designed filling technique, extending the service life of the molecular sieve to more than 10 years.
2) Special bypass design ensures lower energy consumption and larger effects.
3) Imported pneumatic valves guarantee much more stable performance.
4) Computer operation, simple technical design, easy maintenance.
5) Installation is simple. Not require a special foundation, just need flat ground.

4. Applications and Support of 99.5%-99.999% Box-type Nitrogen Gas Generator from manufacturer

Electronic industry: nitrogen protection during the production of semiconductors and electronic components.
Heat treatment: nitrogen protection, nitriding, bright annealing, anti-oxidation for various kinds of industrial furnaces.
Food and beverage industry: use for nitrogen-filled packing, grain storage, vegetables and fruits preservation, wine conservation, etc.
Chemical industry: nitrogen blanketing, replacement, cleaning, pressure transmission, agitation of chemical reactions, nitrogen protection of chemical fiber production, etc.
Petroleum and natural gas industry: petroleum refining, nitrogen purging and leakage detecting of vessels and pipes, oil extraction with filling nitrogen.
Pharmaceutical industry: nitrogen-filled packing, transportation, and storage of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), Chinese & Western medicines. Corrosion prevention & vermin prevention of Chinese herbal medicine, etc.
Cable industry: nitrogen protection during the production of cross-linked cables.
Powder metallurgy: nitrogen protection when sintering powder & magnetic materials.
Rubber/tire industry: use nitrogen to keep the pressure on tires and tire vulcanization, to improve product quality.
Synthetic fiber industry: nitrogen protection during the fiber drawing process
Aluminum processing industry: nitrogen protection for smelting & forging of aluminum materials, manufacturing of aluminum products, rolling of aluminum foil, etc.

5. Shipment of 99.5%-99.999% Box-type Nitrogen Gas Generator

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According to the different classification methods, i.e. deep cooling air separation method, molecular sieve air separation method (PSA) and membrane air separation method, the nitrogen generators applied in industry can be divided into three types. It is the nitrogen equipment designed and manufactured according to the variable pressure adsorption technology. Using high quality carbon molecular sieve (CMS) as adsorbent, the principle of variable pressure adsorption (PSA) at room temperature is used to separate air to produce high purity nitrogen. Usually two adsorption towers are connected in parallel, and the imported PLC controls the automatic operation of the imported pneumatic valve, which alternately carries out pressurized adsorption and decompression regeneration to complete the separation of nitrogen and oxygen and obtain the required high purity nitrogen gas.

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