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99.6% High Purity Liquid Oxygen Unit manufacturer

99.6% High Purity Liquid Oxygen Unit

In contrasted and vaporous air division plants, 99.6% High Purity Liquid Oxygen Units from China industrial facilities and liquefaction plants need serious cooling utilization.

Liquid Oxygen Capacity: 50-1300Nm³/hr
Liquid Oxygen Purity: ≥99.6%
Liquid Oxygen Pressure: 0.2Mpa


Product Description

1. Parameter (Specification) of High-quality 99.6% High Purity Liquid Oxygen Unit supplier

Model KDO-180y KDO-250y KDO-400y KDO-1200y/300y KDO-1300y/200y/40y
LO2 Capacity  Nm³/h 180 250 400 1200 1300
LO2 Purity  % ≥99.6 ≥99.6 ≥99.6 ≥99.6 ≥99.6
LO2 Pressure MPa  0.2 0.2  0.2  0.2  0.2
LO2 Capacity  Nm³/h 300 200
LO2 Purity  ppm O2 ≤5 ≤5
LN2 Pressure MPa 0.5 0.5
LN2 Pressure  Nm³/h 40
LAr Purtiy ≤1.5ppmO2 +4ppmN2
LAr Pressure MPa 0.2
Floor Space m² 250 300 350 850 4000

Compared with gaseous air separation plants, liquid cryogenic air separation plants and liquefaction plants need more cooling consumption.
According to the different yields of liquid cryogenic air separation plants, we adopt various refrigerating cycle processes, like booster-expanding refrigeration, low-temperature pre-cooler refrigeration, recycle compressor with high-low pressure expander refrigeration, etc. to reduce the power consumption.
DCS or PLC systems are used, aided by on-site instruments, to make the complete system stable, reliable, and easy to operate.

2. Quality Assurance of Advanced 99.6% High Purity Liquid Oxygen Unit manufacturer

1) Strict contract auditing involved all departments to assure the feasibility of each order.
2) Process design and validation before bulk production.
3) Strictly control all raw and auxiliary materials, all raw materials reach the world's advanced level.
4) On-site inspection of all processes, inspection record keeps traceable for 3 years.
5) All inspectors are skilled with international certificates.
6) Qualified and professional welders guarantee welding quality.
7) 100% inspection of finished systems before shipment.
8) Regular training for inspection staff

3. Shipment of Discount 99.6% High Purity Liquid Oxygen Unit manufacturer


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