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reliable medical oxygen system in container

Medical Oxygen System In Container

Medical Oxygen System In Container has been designed to be used by people from all walks of life. It’s environment-friendly and does not require special equipment for immediate use, like protective masks and gloves for example.

Oxygen Capacity: 1-100Nm³/hr
Oxygen Purity: 93±3%
Oxygen Pressure: 0.1-0.5Mpa (150-200Bar Refilling Pressure can be offered)


Product Description

Medical oxygen systems in container manufacturers produce gaseous oxygen from compressed air on-site and offer a cost-effective, reliable, and safe alternative to traditional oxygen gas supplies such as cylinders or cryogenic liquid.

1、Principle of high-quality Medical Oxygen System in Container manufacturer

PSA medical oxygen system in containers from China factory uses clean compressed air as raw material and zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS) as adsorbent, to produce oxygen gas with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology at normal temperature. ZMS is a round granular adsorbent full of micropores inside and outside, which has characteristics of selective adsorption. N2 has a higher diffusion rate while O2 has a lower, therefore N2 is adsorbed into ZMS while O2 is out of it. By controlling the on/off state of the pneumatic valves by PLC, adsorbing under pressure and regenerating without pressure, to separate nitrogen and oxygen gas, and create a continuous flow of oxygen with required purity.

2、Introduction of advanced Medical Oxygen System in Container from China factory


1) Air compressor: electric drive or generator drive, air cooled screw air compressor.
2) Air purification system: with air buffer tank, air dryer, and filters, etc.
3) PSA oxygen generator: with adsorption towers, control system, etc.
4) Oxygen booster: can rise oxygen pressure up to 200Bar.
5) Cylinder refilling system (optional): with manifold and oxygen cylinders.

3、Features of China Medical Oxygen System in Container supplier

No matter how far your gas using point is, no matter how bad the natural environment is, no matter whether there is water & power supply or not, ZHONGRUI China medical oxygen system in a container manufacturer can supply professional solutions for your required on-site oxygen.
ZHONGRUI China medical oxygen system in a container supplier can be viewed as a mobile oxygen-making center, to provide oxygen and cylinder refilling continuously for different working sites.

4、Applications of Medical Oxygen System from a supplier in Container manufacturer

Flexible • Be you own supplier
• On-site and mobile solutions
• Produce gas when and where you need it
• Get a solution that exactly fits your needs
Cost Savings • Low installation and running costs
• run on electricity only
• Minimum maintenance
• Having your own supply prevents downtime due to gas shortage
• Quick pay-back - often less than a year
Easy Operation • Fully automated oxygen generators
• Minimum maintenance
• Easy installation and operation
High Quality • Only quality components are used
• Durable and reliable oxygen generators

5、Shipment of Medical Oxygen System in Container

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There are different kinds of cylinders available for sale in Medical Oxygen System In Container; including cylinder type B, C & D as well as cylinders for liquid nitrogen (for cryopreservation) which are great for preservation purposes such as storage of organs or even brain tissue from patients who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease (which is commonly known as "Alzheimer's" disease).

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