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China on site psa oxygen generator manufacturer

On-site PSA Oxygen Generator

PSA oxygen generators (also known as PSA or Blue Oxygen generators) are an inexpensive, portable, and long-lasting source of oxygen.

Oxygen Capacity: 1-200Nm³/hr
Oxygen Purity: 90-95%
Oxygen Pressure: 0.1-0.5Mpa (150-200Bar Refilling Pressure can be offered)


Product Description

Why buy oxygen when you can generate your own? On-site PSA oxygen Generators deliver a high capacity flow at the purity you need. Suitable for a wide range of applications. With Pressure Swing Absorption technology (PSA).

1. Parameter (Specification) of high-quality On-site PSA Oxygen Generator manufacturer

Model Capacity Purity
ZRO-3 3Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-5 5Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-10 10Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-20 20Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-30 30Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-50 50Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-100 100Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-150 150Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-200 200Nm³/h 90-95%

On-site PSA oxygen generator uses clean compressed air as raw material and zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS) as adsorbent, to produce oxygen gas with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology at normal temperature. ZMS is a round granular adsorbent full of micropores inside and outside, which has the characteristic of selective adsorption. N2 has a higher diffusion rate while O2 has a lower, therefore N2 is adsorbed into ZMS while O2 is out of it. By controlling on/off state of the pneumatic valves by PLC, adsorbing under pressure and regenerating without pressure, to separate nitrogen and oxygen gas, and create a continuous flow of oxygen with required purity.

2. Introduction of advanced On-site PSA Oxygen Generator Manufacturer


3. Features of On-site PSA Oxygen Generator from Supplier

1) Adopt a human-computer interface and intelligent control to make simple operations and supply qualified oxygen gas quickly.
2) The high-efficiency filling technology of molecular sieve makes ZMS much tighter, firmer, and longer service life.
3) Adopt international famous brands PLC and pneumatic valves, to switch automatically and make operation more stable.
4) Pressure, purity, and flow rate are stable and adjustable and can meet different requirements of customers.
5) Compact structure, nice appearance, and small occupation area.

4. Applications of On-site PSA Oxygen Generator

1) Sewage treatment: oxygen-enriched aeration for activated sludge, pond oxygenation, and ozone sterilization.
2) Glass melting: combustion-supporting dissolution, cutting to increase yield and extend the service life of stoves.
3) Pulp bleaching and paper making: changing chlorinated bleaching to oxygen-enriched bleaching with low-cost, sewage treatment.
4) Non-ferrous metal metallurgy: oxygen-enriched smelting of steel, zinc, nickel, lead, etc. PSA technology is gradually taking the place of cryogenic technology.
5) Petrochemical and chemical industry: increasing the reaction speed and chemical production output by adopting an oxygen-enriched oxidizing reaction.
6) Ore treatment: use oxygen in gold, etc. production process, to improve precious metal extraction efficiency.
7) Aquaculture: increasing dissolved oxygen in water by oxygen-enriched aeration to vastly improve fish yield, also can use oxygen when transporting lives fish.
8) Fermentation: replacing air with oxygen in fermentation to drastically improve efficiency.
9) Drinking water: providing oxygen to the ozone generator for sterilization.
10) Medical: oxygen bar, oxygen therapy, physical health care, etc.

PSA oxygen generators use pressure swing adsorption to produce oxygen from the air.

The PSA oxygen generator is based on CSR technology (pressure swing adsorption), which generates a strong pressurized gas stream through an adsorbent material over a time period as short as 15 minutes to several hours.
This pressurized gas stream is then used as an energizing medium for electricity generation, which produces electricity via solar energy conversion. It also can be used as a power source for stationary applications such as air conditioners or water purification systems, and it has many other applications in the industrial, medical, and agricultural sectors.

PSA oxygen generators are safe and efficient and can be used in a variety of settings.

PSA oxygen generators (also known as PSA or Blue Oxygen generators) are used in medical and hospital settings, such as intensive care, intensive care units, and surgical wards.
- Provides more oxygen than an oxygen tank or similar portable oxygen generator; also provides more than double the amount of air mass than a normal breathing room.
- Use it anywhere - indoors or outdoors.



5. Shipment of On-site PSA Oxygen Generator manufacturer

123 1

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Molecular sieve oxygen generators have important applications in the medical field. In ICU, it provides sufficient oxygen for patients; in wards, it provides sufficient oxygen to help patients recover; in hyperbaric oxygen warehouse, it provides breathing pure oxygen or high concentration oxygen to treat hypoxic diseases; in machine room, it provides central output of oxygen.

For home oxygen use, we provide necessary oxygen health care for middle-aged and elderly people, pregnant women, sick people, students who are engaged in long-term mental work, company employees, and cadres of institutions.

PSA molecular sieve oxygen generators, generally using the method of pressurized adsorption and atmospheric pressure desorption, are composed of two adsorption towers in the oxygen generator that carry out the same cyclic process in turn, thus achieving a continuous supply of oxygen. In simple terms, the air inside the oxygen generator is drawn in through processing to create oxygen that can be absorbed by the user.

Molecular sieve oxygen generators are the mainstream type of oxygen generators nowadays because of their high efficiency and long service life.

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