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China oxygen generator for welding and cutting for sale

Oxygen Generator For Welding And Cutting

Oxygen generators for welding and cutting are commonly used to increase the cutting power of welders and cutters. They are also used in gas furnace welding, and cutting, for a variety of applications such as grinding, drilling and sanding.

Oxygen Capacity: 50-600Nm³/hr
Oxygen Purity: ≥99.6%
Oxygen Pressure: 150-200Bar Refilling Pressure


Product Description

Lower cost oxygen for your oxy-acetylene cutting and welding operations with an China oxygen generator. On Site’s O2 generator system is surprisingly affordable, and eliminates the need to move O2 cylinders forever. Our oxygen generator for welding and cutting is simple, reliable, and easy to operate.

1. Parameter (Specification) of high-quality Oxygen Generator for Welding and Cutting

Model KDON-50/50 KDON-80/160 KDON-180/300 KDON-260/500 KDON-350/700 KDON-550/1000
OCapacity 50Nmm³/h 80Nmm³/h 180Nmm³/h 260Nmm³/h 350Nmm³/h 550Nmm³/h
OPurity ≥99.6% ≥99.6% ≥99.6% ≥99.6% ≥99.6% ≥99.6%
NCapacity 50Nm³/h 160Nm³/h 300Nm³/h 500Nm³/h 700Nm³/h 1000Nm³/h
NPurity ≤10ppm O₂ ≤10ppm O₂ ≤10ppm O₂ ≤10ppm O₂ ≤10ppm O₂ ≤10ppm O₂
Power ≤1.3KWh/Nm³ O₂ ≤0.85KWh/Nm³ O₂ ≤0.68KWh/Nm³ O₂ ≤0.65KWh/Nm³ O₂ ≤0.65KWh/Nm³ O₂ ≤0.65KWh/Nm³ O₂
Floor Space 145m³ 150m³ 160m³ 180m³ 250m³ 420m³

A low-pressure process is introduced for oxygen generators manufacturer for welding and cutting to reduce power consumption and improve the security of operation. Corresponding professional software is used for process distillation calculation and structure calculation in the design of unit equipment, to ensure high performance and high reliability.
In order to meet market requirements, besides producing a common external compression oxygen generator for welding and cutting, we also have developed a series of internal compression processes to reduce installation workload and maintenance of the complete equipment.
We have developed a skid-mounted purification system, to reduce the time of on-site piping installation.

2. Quality Assurance of advanced Oxygen Generator for Welding and Cutting

1) Strict contract auditing involved all departments to assure the feasibility of each order.
2) Process design and validation before bulk production.
3) Strictly control on all raw and auxiliary materials, all raw materials reach the world's advanced level.
4) On-site inspection of all processes, inspection record keeps traceable for 3 years.
5) All inspectors are skilled with international certificates.
6) Qualified and professional welders guarantee welding quality.
7) 100% inspection of finished systems before shipment.
8) Regular training for inspection staff

3. Shipment of Oxygen Generator for Welding and Cutting

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How to Use an Oxygen Generator For Welding And CuttingOxygen generators for welding and cutting are basically cans of compressed air or CO2 (usually sold as compressed oxygen). The pressure from the generator is then released into the area to be worked on. They work by creating cold air which is denser than ordinary air, so that it can be used to cool a piece of metal which would otherwise become too hot to work on. The main advantage of this over regular heat sources is that it takes much less time to heat up the piece being worked on.
The oxygen can be distributed over a large area with one machine or several machines working in tandem with each other. This makes them very useful when they are used in conjunction with automatic welders – they produce more power at lower cost than any other form of welding machine (including oxyacetylene), and make it possible to do more circuit welding at once, without having to wait for each individual machine to cool down before continuing the next operation.
The main disadvantage is that when using an oxygen generator for welding and cutting you will have no direct access (direct contact) with your work – instead you have extension hoses attached to your torch or tracer, or you have some type of hose running from an oxygen generator through a taper fitting onto your torch or tracer.

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