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Refrigerated Air Dryer

A Refrigerated air dryer from manufacturer is to use a low temperature and low humidity air-forced circulation in the food room so that the water content of food gradually reduces and achieves the purpose of drying.

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A Refrigerated air dryer from manufacturer is to use a low temperature and low humidity air-forced circulation in the food room so that the water content of food gradually reduces and achieves the purpose of drying.

Air dryers heat air and then expel it through a filter or other device. Air is heated, which causes evaporation. However, some heat can also help to evaporate water from clothing. This is called latent heat, which means that the moisture in the clothes (which has little energy) will not only disappear but also be lost through the filter or other device used to expel it from the system (the cycle of evaporation repeats indefinitely).
There are two main types of air driers: evaporative and convective air dryers. Evaporative air driers typically use liquid fuel — either petroleum-based or natural gas — for power (e.g., propane, liquefied petroleum gas) or electricity (e.g., electricity). Convective air driers use hot air from a fan or other source to drive a system of filters that removes moisture from clothing as it dries. Convective dryers often provide an extra step in the drying cycle that extracts extra moisture from clothing before they become too hot to touch and allows them to be laundered more easily than evaporative dryers could do on their own.
Since its introduction in 1912, refrigerated air dryers have been widely used in households worldwide. Modern models are more compact and efficient than their predecessors; they use less energy and water; they reduce drying time; they eliminate smoke; they operate at lower temperatures; they have better-operating margins; and they can be used with any type of fabric as well as with textiles containing fibers like wool, nylon, polyester or acetate rubber blends.

Machine features:

1. The High-quality China Refrigerated air dryer has an optimized design of an efficient dehumidification system, with a large amount of dehydration and relatively high efficiency.
2. Advanced Refrigerated air dryers from China factories can better maintain the color, aroma, taste, and nutritional value of food.
2. PLC control system is adopted to ensure safety performance and various protection devices are provided

The benefits of using a high-quality Refrigerated Air Dryer

The benefits of using a advanced refrigerated air dryer from China factory are clear. They are cost and energy efficient, with the ability to retain moisture and increase the shelf life of food. But it’s not just about the technology, as there is more to it than that.

The process involves two distinct steps:

  • The food is placed on warm ceramic plates in the conditioner chamber where high temperatures and low humidity are maintained for several hours. The leaves are then transferred to a conveyor belt which passes through a drying chamber where moist air is forced through the food without contact with any other material. As air is forced through, moisture in the food vaporizes and loses water in the air while at the same time absorbing moisture from the surrounding environment (temperature, humidity, etc.). Because of this process, foods are dried more quickly than by conventional methods (greater than one hour).
  • At this stage, water vapor has been removed from foods being dried by passing through an absorption tower at high pressure (about 5 bar or 1 psi). This reduces evaporation and improves shelf life; further improving their quality as well as their nutritional value.

This process can be done at a temperature lower than that used for conventional food drying (about 10 degrees C). This allows foods such as fruit juices to be dried more efficiently and effectively within a range of temperatures up to about 15 degrees C (~65F). There are both advantages for consumers and farmers who rely on refrigerated air dryers for their agricultural needs:

  • Devices can provide protection from insects;
  • They reduce labor costs in growing conditions;
  • Farmers can use these machines without having to add additional chemicals or pesticides;
  • Most importantly, they reduce losses due to spoilage or spoilage-related events because of lower temperature damage caused by heat exposure before drying.

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