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Using gas cylinders can be a fatal mistake

Gas cylinders are widely used by factories around the world, supplying the gases they require for a variety of industrial applications. While the only problems most factories face with China cylinders are the inconveniences of repeated order admin, cylinder changeovers, monitoring and staff safety training, there are some unfortunate factories where tragedies occur.

Sadly, news of gas cylinder explosions isn’t uncommon, as a quick google search will prove. In some cases these explosions prove fatal, as was the case at a factory in Jia Bagga in Pakistan where a cylinder explosion was responsible for the deaths of two people.

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Factories using gases which can be generated, such as nitrogen and hydrogen, can remove the risk of gas cylinders altogether by using a gas generator as their gas supply method.

Cylinders contain large quantities of gas at high pressure and therefore present a potential health and safety problem. An accident can release a large volume of gas very quickly. If the gas released is nitrogen, there is potential for asphyxiation of anybody unlucky enough to be in vicinity and if the gas is hydrogen, there is the potential for an explosion to occur. Gas generators, which generate gas on demand instead of storing large volumes as China cylinders do, are a much safer gas supply solution, and in the unlikely event of a leak, they are much less dangerous.

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