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What are nitrogen and helium used for in aerospace?
Gases that are heavily used in modern rocket and aerospace technology are nitrogen and helium.
Their main applications are:
1. As an energy source, it is used to operate various pneumatic valves and components (helium gas should be used to operate liquid hydrogen cryogenic valves).
2. As a purge replacement gas. Blow out and replace the liquid propellant filling system (the replacement liquid oxygen system should use helium or hydrogen).
3. Pressurize the propellant storage tanks on rockets and aircraft, and pressurize the ground propellant storage tanks to ensure the normal operation of the propellant system (helium or oxygen should be used to pressurize the liquid oxygen storage tanks).
4. Powered by high-pressure nitrogen gas, the rocket engine starts to drive the turbo pump to work immediately (after the engine starts, the turbo pump is driven by the gas provided by the propellant gas generator).
5. Explosion-proof blowing of the instrument cabin on the rocket with nitrogen gas, explosion-proof blowing of the electrical equipment that requires explosion-proof on the ground, for fire fighting.
6. For blow-off of rocket engine system (ammonia or helium as required).
7. After filling, blow out and seal the ground piping system with nitrogen.
The gas used by rockets and aerospace vehicles during flight is stored in titanium gold spherical gas cylinders on the rocket. The ground equipment and the gas used before the rocket take off are directly provided by the ground gas supply system. Air source and air supply system is an important part of rockets and aerospace ground equipment.
Nitrogen is also used for air tightness inspections of rocket propellant tanks, engine systems, etc. In order to ensure the normal operation of the turbo pump of the rocket engine system, the pump is required to work under a certain net positive suction head to prevent cavitation. For this reason, the propellant tank must be pressurized before the rocket takes off. Nitrogen can be used as a power source for pneumatic valves. For some pneumatic valves that work at the temperature of liquid hydrogen, use helium to operate. Nitrogen is an economical and applicable blowing gas, because nitrogen is mixed with propellant vapor, there is no danger of fire and explosion, and it will not have adverse effects on the propellant system. For liquid hydrogen-liquid oxygen rocket engines, in some sunny conditions, it must be blown out with helium.

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