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What are the advantages of food vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging?
Food vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging is the process of putting food into a packaging bag, extracting the air in the packaging bag to reach a predetermined degree of vacuum, then filling it with nitrogen, and then completing the sealing process. Food vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging has several advantages:
1. The vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging is beautiful and generous in appearance, and its true form can be intuitively seen. The shape of the vacuum packaging is broken, it is not easy to check the true shape of the packaged product, and the packaging grade is not high.
2. Vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging can balance the pressure difference between the inside and outside, and the air will not gradually penetrate into the packaging bag through the micro-holes of the packaging bag, preventing the premature spoilage of the fresh-keeping products.
3. Vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging is most suitable for fragile materials that are afraid of extrusion (such as flowers, crisps, snack foods, etc.), which cannot be achieved by vacuum packaging.
4. Some foods or materials with moisture content will seep out due to the pressure difference in the bag after vacuum packaging, which will affect the internal quality and external appearance of the food or materials.
5. Some fried foods or fruit and vegetable chips are packed with vacuum nitrogen, which can effectively prevent the food from being rancid or squeezed and prolong the storage time.

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