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What are the daily maintenance contents of oxygen making equipment?

The maintenance of equipment in the oxygen generation system from China manufacturer mainly includes the maintenance of air compressor, cold dryer, filter and oxygen generation host.

1. the routine maintenance of the air compressor is mainly to regularly check whether the blowdown outlet of the air compressor's air tank is blocked and whether the cooling hole is blocked;
2. the radiator of the cold dryer shall be cleaned frequently;
3. regularly check whether the drain outlet of the filter is blocked;
4. regularly check whether the exhaust port of the silencer of the China oxygen generator is unblocked.cryogenic liquid oxygen plant 135312 1

The appearance of all equipment shall be kept clean, and shall be frequently scrubbed with wet cloth or neutral soapy water.
Features of Wuxi Zhongrui oxygen making machine:

◆ humanized man-machine interface, intelligent control, simple operation and rapid provision of qualified oxygen;
◆ efficient molecular sieve filling technology is adopted to make the molecular sieve tighter and more solid, so as to have a longer service life;
◆ PLC controller and pneumatic valve of international famous brand are selected to realize automatic switching and ensure more stable equipment operation;
◆ the pressure, purity and flow are stable and can be adjusted according to the actual situation to meet the different needs of customers;
◆ compact structure, beautiful appearance and small floor area.

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