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What is carbon molecular sieve poisoning in nitrogen generators?
PSA pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator is also called carbon molecular sieve nitrogen generator. As the name suggests, its core component is carbon molecular sieve. Carbon molecular sieves have very strict requirements on the working environment. It is required that the compressed air provided by the air compressor must be processed by a freeze dryer and a multi-stage precision filter (ie, a purification system) to remove water, oil and impurities, and ensure the compression of the nitrogen generator. The air is dry and clean. The sewage of the purification system needs to be checked regularly, and the filter element consumables need to be replaced regularly.
If the nitrogen generator is in use, the manufacturer fails to maintain the purification system in time or improperly operates the purification system, causing the purification system to run with disease or not running for a long time, causing oil and water impurities to directly enter the nitrogen generator adsorption tower with the air. The micropores of the carbon molecular sieve and the adsorption capacity of the molecular sieve will be greatly weakened, which shows that the nitrogen concentration of the nitrogen generator decreases at the same gas flow rate or the yield decreases when the product gas concentration is the same, which is carbon molecular sieve poisoning. At this time, the user should replace the filter element, automatic drain valve, and degreasing activated carbon in time according to the production needs. The most important thing is to replace the carbon molecular sieve in the adsorption tower of the nitrogen generator, so that the normal nitrogen production capacity of the nitrogen generator can be restored.

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