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What is Container Type Oxygen Generating System operating procedures?

There are more methods of oxygen extraction, and many users are seeking a more cost-effective oxygen production method. Using a containerized oxygen system can achieve such a purpose. Because this system is more professional, it also needs to be operated by professionals when making oxygen in order to complete oxygen production safely and quickly. What is the operation procedure of the container oxygen system? Where can I buy the regular container oxygen equipment? Take a look at the following introduction to have a more detailed understanding of the container oxygen equipment.

reliable medical oxygen system in container

1. About the operation of the Container Type Oxygen Generating System from China factory

1.1 Do a good inspection of the Container Type Oxygen Generating System

The first and important step in the operation process of the container oxygen system is to check the container oxygen equipment and the system first. To strictly follow the standards, first understand whether the oxygen equipment is in line with the use of standards, can be used for oxygen extraction. Ensure that there is no problem with the container oxygen equipment system before you can turn on the equipment, all operations need to be in line with the standard, safe production is very important to avoid production accidents.

1.2 Operate the cold dryer according to specifications

Use the containerized oxygen system to produce oxygen, you need to follow the standard procedures for operation. It is necessary to turn on the oxygen cooler and exercise it for 3 minutes before the next operation. After the "green" indicator light comes on, the automatic drain will automatically discharge at regular intervals. In case of stoppage of the air dryer, it is necessary to restart it and wait for 2 to 3 minutes before using it again.

1.3 Operate the air compressor according to the rules

After the normal operation of the cold dryer system, you need to start the compressor and see the pressure rise rapidly. The oil temperature should not exceed 10 degrees or more. When the pressure of the air compressor rises to 7 kg, it is necessary to open the bottom of the air storage tank to exhaust in time, about 2 minutes before the next operation.

1.4 Operate the oxygen concentrator according to the specification

Press the manual exhaust button at the lower left corner of the oxygen generator control box, wait for 2 to 3 seconds, then you can start the oxygen generator, the air gauge on the left side of the oxygen generator control box should change between 270 and 500Kpa at this time, and the oxygen pressure gauge on the right side can gradually rise after the system runs for four cycles.

1.5 Check the China container type oxygen generating system well

The process of operating the containerized oxygen system should not neglect the process of checking the oxygen system. After waiting for the system to run for 10 to 20 minutes, you need to check that the pre-stage filter should have intermittent drainage behavior, the electric drain of the cold dryer should be automatically drained at regular intervals, the oil temperature of the air compressor needs to run below 10 degrees, the equipment does not have any abnormal sound, the air storage tank pressure should be between 0.6-0.8Mpa, the value of the air pressure gauge on the left of the oxygen generator should 270-500Kpa change between, the oxygen pressure gauge on the right is showing a continuous rise.

working principle of Medical Oxygen System In Container

2. Choose professional container type oxygen equipment

2.1 Understand the manufacturer's qualification

If you want to use the container oxygen system for oxygen production and extraction, you should first choose the formal oxygen equipment, and users should check the production qualification of the manufacturer. Products like oxygen equipment, manufacturers are required to obtain the production qualification before they can provide oxygen equipment. The oxygen equipment launched by the legitimate manufacturers can be used with confidence, after all, the production of oxygen is a very important resource, related to the health of oxygen users, safety is needed in the first place!

2.2 Understanding the China Container Type Oxygen Generating System manufacturer's technology

Understanding the operation process of the containerized oxygen system, you also need to pay attention to the selection of containerized oxygen equipment. Choose a manufacturer with strong production technology to ensure that you are purchasing technologically advanced, good quality oxygen equipment, so that you can also complete the production of oxygen more quickly and reduce the cost of oxygen production, which is also a selection criterion for many companies in the selection of oxygen equipment manufacturers, an important comparison. Understand clearly the technology and strength of the manufacturer, but also allow themselves to make a more accurate choice of cooperation.

2.3 Understand the China Container Type Oxygen Generating System manufacturer's services

As one of the value-added services, the after-sales maintenance service provided by the manufacturer, as well as the pre-product answer service, will affect the user's choice. The professionalism of containerized oxygen equipment is relatively strong, and when problems arise during use, or when maintenance is required at a later stage, the manufacturer's timely help is needed to solve them. Good service is the basis of pleasant cooperation, and choosing a manufacturer with good service can also provide better help for their work.

The operation process of the container type oxygen generator system introduced above is a prerequisite for the correct use of oxygen equipment, you must first familiarize yourself with the instructions of the container oxygen equipment operation, and find a professional operator to use the oxygen equipment before you can. Safety is a prerequisite, before each use of oxygen equipment, you need to do a good inspection of the equipment, in line with the standards of safety production before the next step of operation. Users also need to choose a professional manufacturer of containerized oxygen equipment, to ensure that they buy high quality oxygen equipment, can more smoothly complete the task of oxygen production and extraction.

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