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What is High Pressure Nitrogen Gas Equipment?

1. What is a containerized gaseous nitrogen generator?

The containerized gaseous nitrogen generator (CNG generator) is a manufacturing industry ideal gas separation equipment. The main features of the tankless CNG generator are as follows:
– High-pressure nitrogen gas is produced at high pressure in a high-pressure nitrogen generator.
– The output of the high-pressure nitrogen generator is discharged into an oil bath or an oil-lined tank.
– The oil bath or the oil-lined tank is used to separate the high-pressure nitrogen gas and deliver it to a separate unit or to a vaporizer.
– The gas generating unit and the oil bath or the oil-lined tank are connected with each other by a pipe running through their upper sides.
In this kind of CNG machine, there are two kinds of tanks: one is for liquid nitrogen, which is kept in storage and has a storage capacity of about 100 kilograms; and another one is for gaseous nitrogen, which has a storage capacity of about 10 kilograms.
The other reason why different kinds of CNG generators have different performances is that different kinds of fluid can be used for CNG production: for example, diesel fuel compressed air, or natural gas.

2. How does a containerized gaseous nitrogen generator work?

The container gas generator (CTG) is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution for producing high-pressure nitrogen gas. It has a compact, compact design, and many additional advantages. CTG is made of a metal body that has a three-dimensional heat exchanger to optimize its performance. There are no moving parts, thus it is easy to maintain, and it can operate at any temperature up to 500 °C (the same as a furnace).
The main advantages of CTG are:
• High-pressure nitrogen gas;
• No carbon dioxide emissions;
• High efficiency;
• Low operating costs;
• Low-temperature rise;

3. How to buy a containerized gaseous nitrogen generator

How to buy a containerized gaseous nitrogen generator? A gaseous nitrogen generator is one that uses a pressurized container to contain a liquid solution of ammonia, which then reacts with a gas stream (such as air) to produce nitrogen gas. This process is called “pressure swing adsorption” and it is used in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, food production, energy generation, and pharmaceuticals.
Gases are produced by reacting an element called ammonia with a given source of gases (such as hydrogen or carbon dioxide) creating an electrical current that causes the surface of the container to be covered by ammonia. The container heats up until the ammonia solution reacts with the heated gases. The heat generated in this process allows for larger volumes of a reaction than would be possible if only one container were heated.
This process can be used to extract large amounts of nitrogen gas from air (for example, used in fertilizer or chemical plants), or it can be used to purify nitrous oxide (a propellant for rockets).

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