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WUXI ZHONGRUI AIR SEPARATION EQUIPMENTS CO., LTD mainly engaged in manufacturing of (PSA) nitrogen generator, (PSA) oxygen generators, China nitrogen purification device and cryogenic air separation plants (high purity nitrogen gas, oxygen gas, liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen), etc. Our equipment is featured in compact size, super automation, stable performance, low energy consumption, low noise and non-pollution etc.


WUXI ZHONGRUI AIR SEPARATION EQUIPMENTS CO., LTD products are widely applied in food, beverage, pharmacy, chemistry, electronic, metallurgy, coal power, synthetic rubber, silicon industry, laser cutting, paper-making industry, aerospace industry, aquaculture, Bio-Environment etc. fields.


In the face of severe competition of the market and constant innovation requirements on products of customers, we will always be devoted to constant innovation and develop efficiently at high starting point to provide customers much better products and service.


Integrity and innovation will be eternal rules of the Company.


In recent years, China's industrial development is very rapid, nitrogen machine in the chemical industry, electronics, metallurgy, food, machinery and other fields have been widely used, while the demand for nitrogen gas has increased year by year.


Here are Some Main Applications of Industrial Nitrogen Generator:

1. pharmaceutical industry special nitrogen machine is mainly used in the field of drug production, storage, packaging, packaging to be.


2. The special nitrogen generator for oil and gas industry is suitable for nitrogen protection, transportation, covering, replacement, rescue, maintenance, nitrogen injection and oil extraction in mainland oil and gas exploitation, coastal and deep sea oil and gas exploitation. The nitrogen generator has the characteristics of high safety, strong adaptation and continuous production.


3. Nitrogen making machine for chemical industry is suitable for petrochemical, coal chemical, salt chemical, natural gas chemical, fine chemical, new material and its derivative chemical products processing industry, nitrogen is mainly used for covering, purging, replacement, cleaning, pressure conveying, chemical reaction stirring, chemical fiber production protection, nitrogen filling protection and other fields.


4. Metallurgical industry special nitrogen fertilizer machine is suitable for heat treatment, bright annealing, protection heating, powder metallurgy, copper and aluminum processing, magnetic material sintering, precious metal processing, bearing production and other fields. Nitrogen making machine has the characteristics of high purity, continuous production, some processes require nitrogen containing a certain amount of hydrogen to increase the brightness, etc.


5. The special nitrogen generator for coal mining industry is suitable for fire prevention and extinguishing, gas and gas dilution in coal mining, etc. The nitrogen generator has three specifications: ground fixed type, ground mobile type and underground mobile type, which can fully meet the nitrogen demand under different working conditions.


6. The nitrogen generator for rubber and tire industry is suitable for nitrogen protection and molding in the vulcanization process of rubber and tire production. Especially in the production of all-steel radial tires, the new process of curing with nitrogen has gradually replaced the steam curing process. The nitrogen generator has the characteristics of high purity of nitrogen, continuous production and high pressure of nitrogen.


7. The special nitrogen making device for food industry is suitable for food green storage, food nitrogen-filled packaging, vegetable preservation, wine sealing (canning) and preservation, etc.


The Main Applications of Industrial Oxygen in Various Industries:

1. Metal welding, cutting and combustion gas of various combustion devices and oxidation gas of certain processes, etc.


2. Metallurgical industry: including steel smelting, non-ferrous metal smelting process are a large number of oxygen, its obvious role is to strengthen the smelting process, to increase production and energy saving.


3. Machinery industry: metal welding and cutting can greatly improve work efficiency.


4. Chemical industry: the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, dyes, explosives and other chemical products, but also used to strengthen the production (such as the production of yellow phosphorus with oxygen blowing method, oxygen injection of poor coal, etc.).


5. The electronics industry: in addition to being used as a combustion gas, or the manufacture of semiconductor integrated circuits, oxidizing gas, is one of the industry's indispensable high-purity gases; high-purity oxygen is also an important gas raw material for the manufacture of optical fiber.


6. Wide use in national defense: the large amount is rocket.


7. Other applications: oxygen can be used as oxidant for magnetic fluid power generation; oxygen is used to purify sewage, oxygen is used in mining industry for deep well operation; oxygen is used for deep sea salvage, diving operation; oxygen is used to rescue asphyxiated patients, critical patients; oxygen is used for health care (such as highland mountaineers, geologists, frontier patrol warriors and other special people use and general personnel soak oxygen bar, etc.).