• The nitrogen generator is a nitrogen generator. The nitrogen generator is an advanced gas separation technology. It uses high-quality imported carbon molecular sieve (CMS) as the adsorbent, and uses the principle of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to separate air at room temperature and produce high-purity nitrogen.


  • Nitrogen generators, like other mechanical equipment, also need to be repaired and regularly maintained, so as to ensure that the nitrogen generators will maintain better operating performance for a long time in the future. If the frequent failures of nitrogen generators can be reduced , can greatly improve its work efficiency.


  • After the nitrogen generator has been used for a period of time, various failures will occur. We have given some solutions for some problems in the daily use of the nitrogen generator for your reference. What problems are prone to occur during the use of nitrogen generators? The following is a detailed introduction to various problems and solutions in the use of nitrogen generators.


  • What are the functions of nitrogen? Filling the lamp with nitrogen can prevent the oxidation of the tungsten wire, slow down the evaporation rate of the tungsten wire, and prolong the life of the lamp.


  • The first batch of more than 6,700 oxygen concentrators has been delivered, and Cainiao has added an emergency logistics vehicle for "helping rural epidemic prevention"


  • An oxygen concentrator is a machine that produces oxygen. Its principle is to use air separation technology to separate oxygen from the air, and then store it in a container for use by those who need it. Firstly, the air is compressed with high density, and the difference in the condensation point of each component in the air is used to separate the gas and liquid at a certain temperature, and then the rectification is carried out to separate it into oxygen and nitrogen.


  • Sufficient oxygen can help the brain eliminate fatigue, relieve stress, enhance memory and improve concentration. Oxygen is the key substance of metabolic function and the energy source of life movement, and oxygen has the function of daily health care and auxiliary disease treatment, so it is necessary to always have an oxygen generator at home. Let's introduce the principle, function and efficacy of the oxygen generator.


  • The principle of pressure swing adsorption is to use the selective adsorption characteristics of zeolite molecular sieves, and adopt the cycle of pressure adsorption and decompression desorption to make compressed air alternately enter the adsorption tower to achieve air separation, thereby continuously producing high-purity product oxygen.


  • It will also affect the micropore diameter of carbon molecular sieve, thereby affecting the performance of nitrogen production, resulting in a decrease in nitrogen purity. Therefore, the nitrogen generator needs regular maintenance.


  • What is the principle of industrial oxygen generator? The characteristics and application of industrial oxygen generator. The industrial oxygen generator is an oxygen generator used in the industrial field. The industrial oxygen generator uses the principle of the difference in the diffusion rate of nitrogen and oxygen in the air in the micropores of the zeolite molecular sieve to separate nitrogen and oxygen, and obtain it by evaporating liquid nitrogen.


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  • The scientific industries have converted from bulk gas contracts to on-site nitrogen gas generators much faster.  However, due to long and strict contracts that are hard to opt out of, the industrial manufacturing sector has been limited in how quickly they can switch over to gas generators.