Containerized Gaseous Nitrogen Generator
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Containerized Gaseous Nitrogen Generator

Containerized gaseous nitrogen generator is the core place of intelligent system engineering, which is equipped with production devices, monitoring devices, control devices, etc. According to customer requirements, the container design is divided into following several parts:
Nitrogen Capacity: 1-200Nm³/hr
Nitrogen: 99-99.999%
Nitrogen: 0.1-0.7Mpa (150-200Bar Refilling Pressure can be offered)

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Product Description

Containerized gaseous nitrogen generator does not actually produce nitrogen. Instead, they use nitrogen already in the air and concentrate it by removing excess molecules. The typical air composition is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. There are also a few other molecules, such as carbon dioxide, argon and water.

Like some adsorption air dryers, containerized gaseous nitrogen generator has two chambers. One has a new CMS for the current adsorption process, and the other oscillates to low pressure to desorb oxygen from the saturated CMS. PSA can produce up to 99.999% pure nitrogen.


1.Parameter (Specification) of Containerized Gaseous Nitrogen Generator manufacturer


Model Nitrogen Capacity Power Nitrogen Purity Feed Air Pressure Nitrogen Pressure
ZR-3 3Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-5 5Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-10 10Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-15 15Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-20 20Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-30 30Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-40 40Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-50 50Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-60 60Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-80 80Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-100 100Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-150 150Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa
ZR-200 200Nm³/hr 0.1KW 99-99.999% 0.8-1.0Mpa 0.1-0.7Mpa

Remark: More models and specifications please contact us.

Containerized gaseous nitrogen generators are suitable for the petroleum industry, natural gas industry, chemical industry, and other relative industries, which have outstanding features of strong adaptability, flexible mobility, etc.

Vehicle-mounted mobile containerized gaseous nitrogen generators can be applied in exploitation, purging, replacement, emergency rescue working, attenuation of flammable gas or liquid, etc. in the petroleum and natural gas industry. There are low pressure, medium pressure, and high-pressure series of nitrogen systems.

1)Nitrogen generation system

2) Nitrogen booster system

3) Fire extinguishing system

4) Lighting system

5) Ventilation system

6) Pipeline system

7) Power distribution system with generator sets

8) Alarm system

9) Automatic integrated system


2.Flow Chart of China Containerized Gaseous Nitrogen Generator



3. Features of Containerized Gaseous Nitrogen Generator from China manufacturer

1) Container type makes it convenient for installation, operation, lifting, and transportation.

2) Design strictly according to customer on-site working conditions.

3) Operate automatically, and DCS control can be supplied.

4) Both electric drive and generator drive can be used, convenient for field operations.

5) Professional solutions can be supplied for other special requirements from customers.


4. Applications and Support of China Containerized Gaseous Nitrogen Generator supplier

Electronic industry: nitrogen protection during the production of semiconductors and electronic components.

Heat treatment: nitrogen protection, nitriding, bright annealing, anti-oxidation for various kinds of industrial furnaces.

Food and beverage industry: use for nitrogen-filled packing, grain storage, vegetables and fruits preservation, wine conservation, etc.

Chemical industry: nitrogen blanketing, replacement, cleaning, pressure transmission, agitation of chemical reactions, nitrogen protection of chemical fiber production, etc.

Petroleum and natural gas industry: petroleum refining, nitrogen purging and leakage detecting of vessels and pipes, oil extraction with filling nitrogen.

Pharmaceutical industry: nitrogen-filled packing, transportation and storage of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), Chinese & Western medicines. Corrosion prevention & vermin prevention of Chinese herbal medicine, etc.

Cable industry: nitrogen protection during the production of cross-linked cables.

Powder metallurgy: nitrogen protection when sintering powder & magnetic materials.

Rubber/tire industry: use nitrogen to keep the pressure of tires and tire vulcanization, to improve product quality.

Synthetic fiber industry: nitrogen protection during the fiber drawing process

Aluminum processing industry: nitrogen protection for smelting & forging of aluminum materials, manufacturing of aluminum products, rolling of aluminum foil, etc.


5. Shipment of China Containerized Gaseous Nitrogen Generator manufacturer

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