High-purity Mobile Nitrogen Generation System
  • High-purity Mobile Nitrogen Generation SystemHigh-purity Mobile Nitrogen Generation System

High-purity Mobile Nitrogen Generation System

Our on-site Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generating Systems enable you to generate high purity nitrogen, used in assisting, high-pressure metal cutting and beam path purge, while virtually eliminating nitrogen gas evaporation loss as well as recurrent delivery and rental charges.
Nitrogen Capacity: 1-300Nm³/hr
Nitrogen Purity: 99.5%-99.999%
Nitrogen Pressure: 0.1-3.5Mpa (Pressure can be custom-made)

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Product Description

1. Introduction of High-purity Mobile Nitrogen Generation System

Nitrogen has been used in chemical, electronic, metallurgical, food and mechanical industries, many factories will install industrial nitrogen machine. The gas purity is generally required to be 99.99% , and some require high purity nitrogen to exceed 99.998%.

Purity is an important technical parameter of gas. Nitrogen, for example, has been commanded to be respectively 99.5% (O2 less than or equal to 0.5%) , 99.99% (O2 less than or equal to 0.01%) , and 99.999% (O2 less than or equal to 0.001%) purity.


Our High-purity mobile nitrogen generation system uses air as raw material, under a certain pressure after purification treatment of dry Compressed air, and under pressure swing adsorption. Due to kinetic effects, oxygen and ammonia on the surface of the carbon molecular sieve diffusing rate is different. The diffusion rate of oxygen on the surface of carbon molecular sieve is much higher than that of ammonia. When the adsorption equilibrium is not reached, oxygen is adsorbed by carbon molecular sieve in large amount, ammonia is concentrated and enriched in the gas phase, thus realizing the separation of hydrogen and ammonia. Because the adsorption capacity of oxygen on carbon molecular sieve is obviously different under the different pressure,  the oxygen molecules adsorbed on carbon molecular sieve can be released again. Then the carbon molecular sieve can be regenerated and reused. The system consists of two adsorption towers- one for gas generation and one for desorption regeneration. The imported PIC control cycle alternates two towers to achieve continuous production of high-quality nitrogen.


3. Features of High-purity Mobile Nitrogen Generation System

1) The equipment adopts the brand-newly-designed filling technique, extending service life of molecular sieve to more than 10 years.

2) Special bypass design ensures lower energy consumption and larger effects.

3) Imported pneumatic valves guarantee much more stable performance.

4) Computer operation, simple technical design, easy maintenance.

5) Installation is simple. Not require special foundation, just need flat ground.


Great features of High-purity mobile nitrogen generation system: 

1. Equipment can be flexible overall movement. Suitable for small and medium-sized, the weight is not too heavy ammonia machine. 

2. Long-term stable operation of the equipment, good overall performance! High degree of automation, to achieve unattended. 

3. Our high-purity mobile nitrogen generation system owns simple operation and less cost of  maintenance.


Professional Support

The accuracy and reliability of products from graphic design to production evaluation are supervised by an exquisite design and R & D Team. The professional staff can provide considerate guidance to our high-purity mobile nitrogen generation.


High-quality Products 

The high-purity mobile nitrogen generation uses imported electrical components, and valve components. These are guarantee the high-purity mobile nitrogen generation to work continuously and gas production stability.


Quality Assurance

The high-purity mobile nitrogen generation has already passed the test of the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, with the quality of the EU, to ensure that every detail is absolutely correct.


Perfect After-sales Service

Zhongrui will provide 24 hours after-sales and worry-free life-long technical advice and guidance. If you have any doubts about our high-purity mobile nitrogen generation system, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Experienced Source Manufacturers 

Zhongrui has focused on gas separation equipment field for a few years. We are capable of providing first-class equipment and feasible solutions to solve problems.


4. Applications of High-purity Mobile Nitrogen Generation System

There’s an alternative to purchasing nitrogen regularly.

With these units, nitrogen with purities from 95 to 99.999% can be produced for a fraction of the market price of Nitrogen, right in your own facility. Other added benefits of our Nitrogen Generator are increased workplace safety and security, while eliminating the need for hazardous storage areas.

Since the systems operate entirely automatically in direct response to demand, downtime due to late deliveries, or unexpected empty gas cylinders, becomes a thing of the past. Companies using N2 for cutting assist or beam path purge can realize immediate benefits from our on-site Nitrogen Generating System.


5.Shipment of High-purity Mobile Nitrogen Generation System

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