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In high-density fish ponds, the dissolved oxygen in water can not be increased by the oxygen released by plants in photosynthesis, or dissolved in water by oxygen from the air.


For air oxygenation, the content of oxygen in the air is only 21%, and oxygen is a gas that is difficult to dissolve in water. Therefore, under normal temperature and pressure, the solubility of oxygen in the air in water is about 8-10mg / L. air oxygenation operation can make the saturation of dissolved oxygen in water up to 80% - 90%, that is, the maximum concentration of dissolved oxygen in water is 8-9mg. Especially when the density of fish in the fish pond is large, when air pump is used for oxygenation, the dissolved oxygen can only reach about 4-6mg / L, This is far from enough for high-density breeding with high dissolved oxygen requirements, and the air oxygenation method has high energy consumption and low efficiency.




The content of oxygen in pure oxygen is almost five times that in air. The pure oxygen oxygenation method using oxygen with purity of more than 93% instead of air can make the solubility of oxygen in water as high as 50mg / L. This is much higher than air oxygenation. It improves the concentration and activity of aerobic microorganisms, makes microorganisms play a full role, and the water treatment effect of bioreactor will be better. Pure oxygen oxygenation method is also easy to control the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water by adjusting oxygen flow and pressure, so as to make it suitable for various water quality treatment requirements. Pure oxygen oxygenation; The required equipment has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and easy automatic control, which can effectively save the investment cost, reduce the number of breeding personnel and reduce the floor area for users. Pure oxygen has high dissolution rate and no noise. If the dissolved oxygen in the fish pond can be stably maintained at 10.omg/l, the output of fish will be greatly increased, the growth cycle will be greatly shortened, the bait consumption will be greatly reduced, and the economic benefit will be greatly improved. The investment cost of pure oxygen can be compensated by the reduction of electricity cost and good breeding benefits.


Pure oxygen oxygenation is an efficient oxygenation method. Compared with ordinary air oxygenation, pure oxygen oxygenation technology has advantages in technology and economy. At the same time, with the maturity of pure oxygen oxygenation technology and the decline of oxygen production cost, pure oxygen oxygenation will be more and more widely used in high-density aquaculture. Pure oxygen technology has been successfully used in high-density aquaculture wastewater treatment and achieved good results.


Bottled oxygen is not suitable for pure oxygen oxygenation, which has high cost and is only suitable for temporary breeding. Therefore, it is best to use pressure swing adsorption device (PSA device for short) to supply oxygen to the breeding pond,


The pure oxygen oxygenation system should not adopt decentralized oxygenation. The decentralized oxygen supply method is relatively simple and suitable for small breeding plants. It has less investment and quick effect. The pipes of decentralized oxygen supply fish ponds are too dense. It is not very convenient to clean the fish ponds. There is a lot of oxygen waste and high operation cost. The advantage of centralized oxygen supply is that it can effectively control the oxygen content in the fish pond, and can also effectively and quickly disinfect the fish pond. It is easy to realize automatic control, reduce labor input, and the method of centralized oxygen supply is relatively simple. It is better to use JMR high-efficiency oxygen dissolver for centralized oxygen supply to improve the utilization rate of oxygen and reduce power consumption.


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