Industry Applications

Metal Work


It is mainly used in annealing protective gas, sintering protective gas, nitriding treatment, furnace cleaning and purging gas, etc. It is suitable for heat treatment, bright annealing, protective heating, powder metallurgy, copper and aluminum processing, magnetic material sintering, precious metal processing, bearing production and other fields.


It integrates gas equipment + gas products and is equipped with a perfect service system to provide * good solutions for metal heat treatment and smelting users at home and abroad. Our stable and reliable equipment operation and thoughtful and appropriate fast service ensure the continuity of users' process, the excellence of product quality and the economic benefits for users.


(1) Convenient and fast nitrogen production:

The unique air flow distributor makes the air flow distribution more uniform, makes efficient use of carbon molecular sieve, and can provide qualified nitrogen in about 20 minutes.


(2) Easy to use:

The equipment is compact in structure, skid mounted as a whole, occupies a small area, does not need capital construction investment, and has less investment. Nitrogen can be produced only by connecting power supply on site.


(3) More economical than other nitrogen supply methods:

PSA process is a simple nitrogen production method, which takes air as raw material and consumes only the electric energy consumed by the air compressor. It has the advantages of low operation cost, low energy consumption and high efficiency.


(4) Mechatronics design realizes automatic operation:

Imported PLC controls full-automatic operation, nitrogen flow and pressure purity can be adjusted and continuously displayed, which can realize unattended.


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