Food grade nitrogen packaging with a nitrogen generator


When you work in the food industry, your number one priority is food safety. In order to keep food and ingredients fresh and free of bacteria, food grade nitrogen is being used in the nitrogen packaging process. To ensure your product is fresh and ready to be used when it reaches its destination, a ZEZD Industrial nitrogen generator can be used to maintain food product quality.



Displacing oxygen in packaging with food grade nitrogen Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is the process of blanketing food with food grade nitrogen to extend the shelf life of fresh food products. MAP helps food stay fresh as long as possible. By removing the oxygen and filling the space with nitrogen. With nitrogen packaging oxidation and bacteria growth is prevented. 


When oxygen is present, it does a lot of harm to your food and the ingredients and can make the product stale and moldy. The greater the presence of oxygen, the faster food will decompose as this process is reliant on oxygen. It is the same reason food is kept in refrigerators or freezers to extend its life as this slows down the decomposition process. By blanketing perishable food (like bread/salad/meat/vegetables) with food grade nitrogen, your company will have the ability to increase distribution distances and times due to the extended shelf life. ZEZD Industrial’s nitrogen generator supplies a consistent food grade nitrogen supply for MAP. 


A nitrogen generator maintains a dry environment


The environment in which your food is manufactured in is very important for quality control. Your facility needs a clean, dry, and inert environment, which the i-Flow nitrogen gas generator can provide you with. By using compressed nitrogen for the food packaging process, the risk of adding unwanted moisture into your product and manufacturing cycle is reduced. This will help keep the possibility for bacterial contamination at a minimum. Nitrogen generators also provide your facility with a clean, sterile infrastructure which reduces the risk for cross contamination that can affect the color, smell, or taste of your food product. 


Food grade nitrogen generator

The most cost effective way to use MAP is with ZEZD Industrial’s i-Flow nitrogen generator. A single i-Flow nitrogen generator can produce over 4000 liters per minute (7,212 SCFH) of clean, dry food grade nitrogen gas, at purities ranging from 5% to 99.9995% (ultra-high purity N2). i-Flow is also expandable, instead of needing to purchase a new system or needing to increase the frequency of your cylinder deliveries if your demand increases, more columns can be added to your i-Flow system, future-proofing your facility.  i-Flow is not only capable of meeting broad and varying nitrogen supply requirements, it can also help companies improve manufacturing efficiencies, reduce costs and meet environmental sustainability targets.