Industry Applications

petrochemical industry


Oxygen for petrochemical industry and chemical industry: oxygen enrichment is used to replace air for oxygen reaction in petrochemical industry and chemical industry, which can improve reaction speed and chemical product output. Oxygen enriched combustion can improve the furnace temperature, increase the furnace capacity by 20-40% compared with the use of air, reduce the fuel consumption by 50%, and prolong the furnace service life. During oxygen enriched combustion, due to the elimination of most nitrogen, the combustion process is more effective, the amount of flue gas is greatly reduced, and the emission of nitrogen oxides and other harmful substances is greatly reduced, which is conducive to environmental protection. Oxygen is used to support the combustion, and the combustion temperature is high, which can reduce the amount of flue gas and the content of harmful substances generated in the waste combustion process. The heat generated in the waste incineration process can be recycled for heating and power generation. In short, oxygen enriched combustion support can improve productivity, save energy and reduce consumption.




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