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Application of nitrogen generator in CA grain storage technology


CA grain storage technology is a new method of grain storage, which has the advantages of insect control, mold control, preservation, storage, safety, green, environmental protection and so on. In ORDER TO ASPHYxiATE PESTS AND ACHIEVE THE PURPOSE OF GREEN GRAIN STORAGE, NITROGEN EQUIPMENT IS used TO FORM a high nitrogen and low oxygen environment in the closed warehouse and keep it for a certain time. Nitrogen storage and pest control technology can reduce energy consumption and improve economic benefits.


Advantages of grain storage nitrogen system


Traditional grain storage methods mainly use chemical agents to kill and control insects, which not only pollute the environment and affect the health of front-line keepers, but also lead to the development of drug resistance of pests after long-term use, which increases the difficulty of pest control and increases the cost of enterprises. CA grain storage technology is a new method of grain storage, which has the advantages of insect control, mold control, preservation, storage, safety, green, environmental protection and so on. It uses nitrogen production equipment in a closed warehouse to form a high nitrogen and low oxygen environment, and maintain a certain time, so that pests suffocate and die. We will achieve green grain storage.


Background of nitrogen filling technology


At the beginning of the 21st century, the United Nations food and agriculture organization (fao) will be further restricted and prohibited using fumigants in grain and oil storage, and actively advocated by adjusting the grain bulk gas composition (controlled atmosphere storage), reduce the aerobic respiration of the food itself, change the living conditions of the pest and mildew, the safe storage of grain, anti-aging, achieve the goal of green grain storage.

Rice is a kind of finished grain, which loses its protective layer after processing and has poor storage stability. It is characterized by :1. It absorbs water easily. 2. It is easy to burst, that is, cracks appear in the rice grains. The cost of grain storage can be reduced and the effect of grain storage is good by the method of gas regulating nitrogen storage and nitrogen filling in nitrogen generator. The more practical method is to use molecular sieve nitrogen machine for negative pressure cycle replacement. The sealed grain posts were filled with nitrogen for 4 hours to remove oxygen and moisture from the posts. When the nitrogen concentration reached about 99%, the inhibition effect was significant.

With the improvement of people's living standard, people pay more and more attention to food hygiene index. The application of nitrogen-based CA grain storage equipment has fully satisfied people's pursuit of green food, and is forming a new green grain storage technology in China.

A series of nitrogen production equipment for gas-controlled grain storage has effectively achieved the goal of green grain storage. The produced nitrogen is transported to the warehouse at a certain purity, pressure, temperature and flow rate. Nitrogen is diffused evenly into the grain piles through the air conditioning ducts in the warehouse. When the concentration increased gradually and kept for a certain time, it destroyed the living environment of pests and molds, caused the death of pests, inhibited the physiological respiration of grains, delayed the aging of grains, and ensured the quality of stored grains.


Product features


Nitrogen generator for granary gas conditioning

1. The appearance is very light, the structure is very compact, and does not need to occupy any base, saving the base investment.

2. Conventional installation, short installation time, low cost.

3. Simple operation, as long as open can be used. The whole process is controlled by PLC and the startup time is less than 5 minutes.

4. The operating temperature is normal temperature and the process is simple.

5. It is safe and environmentally friendly without adding any preservatives.

6. The maturation process. And durable.

7. The use of inert gas isolation air, greatly inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, mold and other microorganisms, delay the oxidation of food deterioration and decay, effectively extend the freshness period.

From the above advantages, it can be seen that the granary gas conditioning special nitrogen generator is more and more popular with customers


Granary nitrogen filling regulator


Large granaries are filled with carbon dioxide or nitrogen to preserve grain

The use of nitrogen to maintain grain dormancy and anoxia, slow metabolism, can achieve a good control of pests and diseases, mildew and anti-degeneration effect. Food is not contaminated, it is relatively simple to manage, and it is not expensive, so it has developed rapidly in recent years. At present, Japan, Italy and other countries have entered the stage of small-scale production test. In recent years. In many parts of China, nitrogen is also used to preserve grain, known as "vacuum nitrogen storage". It can also be used to preserve agricultural products, such as fruit.