What are the factory inspection contents of the oxygen generator?


1. Visual inspection

Before the equipment leaves the factory, all the appearances provided by us shall be visually inspected. Including whether the paint color of the equipment is consistent, whether the surface is flat, whether there are bruises and scratches, whether the welds are polished clean, whether there are burrs and residual welding slag, whether the equipment structure is reasonable and beautiful, whether the chassis is stable, whether the wiring of the electric control part is neat and free of hidden dangers, etc.


2. Tightness test

In our factory, connect the China oxygen generators with the air compressor and air pretreatment equipment, test run the whole system, and check whether the pipelines and valves in the oxygen generators manufacturer have air leakage.


3. Electric control and instrument inspection

During the test run of the equipment in our factory, the electric control shall be inspected according to the methods in this manual Whether the system operates normally, and whether all pressure gauges, flow meters and other instruments work normally.


4. Technical index test

In our factory, imitate the use conditions and requirements of the user's complete set of oxygen making equipment, connect the oxygen making equipment with the air compressor and air pretreatment equipment, conduct the test run of the complete system, and detect the actual gas production, purity, dew point and other parameters of the oxygen making machine, so as to determine whether the equipment meets the technical indicators specified in the contract. If the indicators are not met, analyze the causes and adjust the equipment appropriately until the specified technical indicators are met.


5. Equipment packaging inventory

After the delivery inspection of all equipment provided, the equipment to be packed shall be packed for transportation before the transportation of the whole set of equipment. At the same time, all equipment shall be counted according to the equipment delivery list of the contract, and all equipment shall be packed or prepared for shipment.



Features of Wuxi Zhongrui oxygen making machine:

◆ humanized man-machine interface, intelligent control, simple operation and rapid provision of qualified oxygen;

◆ efficient molecular sieve filling technology is adopted to make the molecular sieve tighter and more solid, so as to have a longer service life;

◆ PLC controller and pneumatic valve of international famous brand are selected to realize automatic switching and ensure more stable equipment operation;

◆ the pressure, purity and flow are stable and can be adjusted according to the actual situation to meet the different needs of customers;

◆ compact structure, beautiful appearance and small floor area.