What kind of industrial oxygen concentrator should I choose to purchase?


As we all know, the oxygen generator from China manufacturer is nothing more than an oxygen generator. So for those manufacturers who need it, how to choose? Let's look at the following:


1.Look at the brand of molecular sieve.

Molecular sieve is an important core component of industrial oxygen generator, just like the central processing unit in computer. Its function is to separate oxygen in the air from other inert gases. The quality of molecular sieve directly determines the stability of oxygen flow and oxygen concentration. High quality molecular sieves are imported from abroad, mainly from France and the United States. Imported molecular sieves have the characteristics of large capacity, high adsorption rate and long service life. Molecular sieve has high adsorption rate and oxygen output rate as high as 93-99%. It is the choice in industrial and medical fields.


2.Understand the compressor.

Ordinary domestic compressors are used, with short service life and small gas flow, which directly affect the service life of the whole machine. The service life mainly depends on which point. The service life of the imported compressor cup is more than 5 years. The air flow is large. It matches the imported molecular sieve and has good oxygen output effect.

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3.The heat dissipation performance should be clear.

Metal cooling fans with good heat dissipation performance are generally used, and the thickness of fan blades can reach 38mm, which can ensure good heat dissipation effect and will not shut down due to heating. The machine with poor heat dissipation effect is a plastic fan with a thickness of only 20mm. Insufficient heat dissipation directly affects the working time and service life.


4.Machine noise.

Noise will bring inconvenience to people's work and life. Noise is determined by the silencer. The specific noise data can be seen in the product attributes. Under the same quality and price of the machine, choose low noise as much as possible. How to reduce noise is the most basic premise for selecting reliable continuous operation, and the noise is below 60dB.


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