Brief introduction of unqualified oxygen evacuation system in Zhongrui PSA oxygen generation system


There is a sampling pipeline at the air outlet of the China PSA oxygen equipment. The China oxygen analyzer monitors the purity index of the outlet oxygen online from the start of the equipment. The allowable lower limit value of oxygen purity can be set on the oxygen analyzer  from China manufacturer. When the oxygen purity supplier at the outlet is lower than the set lower limit value, the China oxygen analyzer from manufacturer will send control signals to PLC and solenoid valve respectively. After receiving the signal, the corresponding solenoid valve will start to act, close the air outlet valve of the user's pipeline and open the unqualified oxygen evacuation valve at the same time to realize automatic evacuation.


When the purity returns to above the set lower limit, the outlet valve of the user's pipeline will be opened, and the unqualified oxygen vent valve will be closed at the same time, and the oxygen will be sent to the user's point. When the oxygen is discharged unqualified, the PLC is also timing. When the time for discharging unqualified oxygen exceeds the set value, the PLC will automatically shut down the whole machine and wait for troubleshooting.


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Features of Wuxi Zhongrui oxygen making machine:

◆ humanized man-machine interface, intelligent control, simple operation and rapid provision of qualified oxygen;

◆ efficient molecular sieve filling technology is adopted to make the molecular sieve tighter and more solid, so as to have a longer service life;

◆ PLC controller and pneumatic valve of international famous brand are selected to realize automatic switching and ensure more stable equipment operation;

◆ the pressure, purity and flow are stable and can be adjusted according to the actual situation to meet the different needs of customers;

◆ compact structure, beautiful appearance and small floor area.