Technical advantages of Wuxi Zhongrui air separation PSA oxygen generator


◆ easy installation

The equipment is compact in structure and skid mounted as a whole. It occupies a small area and requires no capital investment.


◆ high quality zeolite molecular sieve

It has large adsorption capacity, high compression resistance and long service life.


◆ fail safe system

Configure the fault system alarm and automatic start function for users to ensure the safe operation of the system.


◆ more economical than other oxygen supply methods

PSA process is a simple oxygen production method, which takes air as raw material and consumes only the electric energy consumed by the air compressor. It has the advantages of low operation cost, low energy consumption and high efficiency.


◆ electromechanical instrument integration design to realize automatic operation

The imported PLC is used to control the full-automatic operation. Nitrogen flow pressure purity can be adjusted and continuously displayed, pressure, flow and purity alarms can be set, remote automatic control can be realized, and various working conditions can be monitored in real time, so as to ensure the stability of gas purity and flow.


◆ high quality components are the guarantee of stable and reliable operation

The key components such as pneumatic valve and electromagnetic pilot valve are imported, with reliable operation, fast switching speed, service life of more than one million times, low failure rate, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost.


medical oxygen system in container主图


◆ continuous oxygen content display and over limit automatic alarm system

Online monitoring of oxygen purity ensures that the required oxygen purity is stable.


◆ advanced loading technology ensures the service life of the equipment

The zeolite molecular sieve is filled by the "Snowstorm" method, so that the molecular sieve is evenly distributed without dead angle and is not easy to pulverize; The adsorption tower adopts multi-stage air flow distribution device and self operated pressing device; In addition, the adsorption performance of zeolite molecular sieve is kept in a compressed state, so as to ensure that there is no fluidization during the adsorption process and effectively extend the service life of zeolite molecular sieve.


◆ unqualified oxygen automatic evacuation system

The low-purity oxygen will be automatically emptied at the beginning of startup, and the air will be supplied after reaching the index.


◆ unique cycle switching process of the system

The wear of the valve is reduced, the service life of the equipment is prolonged and the maintenance cost is reduced.


◆ provide free commissioning guidance and lifelong maintenance

Strong technical strength and high-quality after-sales service provide continuous technical support, so that users have no worries.