Precautions for operation and use of industrial oxygen generator


1. Adjust the pressure regulating valve in front of the flowmeter and the oxygen generating valve from China manufacturer behind the flowmeter according to the gas pressure and gas consumption. Do not increase the flow at will to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


2. The opening of air inlet valve and oxygen production valve should not be too large to ensure the best purity.


3. The valve adjusted by the commissioning personnel shall not rotate at will to avoid affecting the purity.


4. Do not touch the electrical parts in the electric control cabinet at will, and do not dismantle the pneumatic pipeline valve at will.


5. The operator shall regularly check the four pressure gauges on the machine and make a daily record of their pressure changes for equipment fault analysis.


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6. Regularly observe the outlet pressure, flowmeter indication and oxygen purity, and compare them with the values on the performance page. If any problem is found, it shall be solved in time.


7. Maintain the air compressor, air dryer and filter according to the technical requirements to ensure the air quality. The air compressor and cold dryer must be overhauled at least once a year, and the vulnerable parts must be replaced and maintained according to the equipment maintenance and repair regulations; The filter element must be replaced in time.


8. The equipment can only be maintained when the air supply must be cut off (the pressure gauge of the air storage tank shows zero) and the power supply must be cut off.


9. Complete the daily record form.