Let's learn about the maintenance of PSA oxygen generator


1. Air compressors and refrigerated dryers shall be maintained regularly according to their instructions;

2. The filter materials in the high-efficiency degreaser and filter generally need to be replaced once a year (it is recommended to replace half a year in areas with high relative humidity); The activated carbon in the activated carbon filter generally needs to be replaced once a year (it is recommended to replace it half a year in areas with high relative humidity);

3. See relevant sections of the manual for China oxygen analyzer manufacturer;

4. Regularly check whether the power and gas connection parts of PLC controller and two position five way solenoid valve are normal to avoid failure;

5. Containers, instruments, compressors, pipelines, valves, filters and other system components shall be regularly inspected for grease residue and corrosion. If they are unqualified, they must be handled in time;

6. In case of air leakage and other damage to pneumatic valves and seals, they can be repaired and replaced if they cannot be repaired;

7. Before maintenance, the oxygen in the equipment must be drained and replaced with oil-free dry air or nitrogen to make the oxygen content in the equipment meet the specified requirements.

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8. When the oxygen in the vessel pipeline is discharged, the oxygen shall be led to the safety zone;

9. The tools used for maintenance shall be cleaned and free of oil. After maintenance, all the tools shall be checked and found to be correct. The clothes and site of maintenance workers shall also be clean and free of oil;

10. The oxygen pipeline shall be thoroughly purged with oil-free dry air or nitrogen after inspection and maintenance;

11. All parts in contact with oxygen, such as oxygen supplier pipes and valves, must be strictly derusted and degreased if necessary (the cleaning agent is carbon tetrachloride).

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