What is the principle of industrial oxygen generator? The characteristics and application of industrial oxygen generator


The industrial oxygen generator is an oxygen generator used in the industrial field. The industrial oxygen generator uses the principle of the difference in the diffusion rate of nitrogen and oxygen in the air in the micropores of the zeolite molecular sieve to separate nitrogen and oxygen, and obtain it by evaporating liquid nitrogen. purer oxygen. The industrial oxygen generator has the characteristics of convenient installation, long service life, economical oxygen supply method, online monitoring and adjustment of oxygen concentration, etc., and is widely used in nonferrous metallurgy, papermaking, oxygen-enriched combustion and other industries. Let's take a look at the working principle, characteristics and application fields of industrial oxygen generators!


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1. What is the principle of industrial oxygen generator


The industrial production method of oxygen is to use the boiling point of liquid nitrogen to be lower than that of liquid oxygen to produce industrial oxygen. The method adopted is a physical method. First, the air is liquefied by means of low-temperature pressurization. Then adjust the temperature, utilize the boiling point of liquid nitrogen to be lower than that of liquid oxygen, the liquid nitrogen will be evaporated, and the rest will be mainly liquid oxygen.


The industrial oxygen generator uses zeolite molecular sieve as the adsorbent, and uses the principle of pressure adsorption and decompression desorption to absorb and release oxygen from the air, thereby separating oxygen. Because nitrogen and oxygen have some slight differences in kinetic diameter, nitrogen molecules have a faster diffusion rate in the micropores of zeolite molecular sieves, while oxygen molecules have a slower diffusion rate, so oxygen can be separated from nitrogen, thus making Take purer oxygen.


2. What are the characteristics of industrial oxygen generators


1) Easy installation, compact equipment structure, overall skid-mounted, small footprint, no need for infrastructure investment, and less investment.


2) High-quality zeolite molecular sieve has large adsorption capacity, high compression resistance and long service life.


3) The fail-safe system configures fault system alarm and automatic start-up functions for users to ensure safe operation of the system.


4) It is more economical than other oxygen supply methods. The process used by industrial oxygen generators is a simple oxygen production method. Air is used as raw material, and the energy consumption is only the electric energy consumed by air compressors. It has low operating costs and high energy efficiency. Advantages of low consumption and high efficiency.


5) The continuous display of oxygen content and the over-limit automatic alarm system provide online monitoring of oxygen purity to ensure the stability of required oxygen purity.


6) It has an automatic emptying system for unqualified oxygen, and the low-purity oxygen in the initial stage of starting up is automatically emptying, and the gas is supplied after reaching the target.


7) Provide an ideal range of purity options, and the oxygen purity can be adjusted easily, and can be adjusted arbitrarily between 21% and 93±2% according to the needs of users.


8) The integrated design of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation realizes automatic operation. It can operate fully automatically through control. The oxygen flow and pressure purity can be adjusted and displayed continuously. people operate. The advanced control system makes the operation easier, can realize unattended and remote control, and can monitor various working conditions in real time, thus ensuring the stability of gas purity and flow.


9) The zeolite molecular sieve is filled with the "blizzard" method, so that the distribution of the molecular sieve is uniform without dead ends, and it is not easy to pulverize; the adsorption tower adopts a multi-stage airflow distribution device and a balanced automatic compaction device; and the adsorption performance of the zeolite molecular sieve is maintained in a compact state , so as to ensure that no fluidization occurs during the adsorption process, effectively prolonging the service life of the zeolite molecular sieve.


3. Main application fields of industrial oxygen generators


1), non-ferrous metallurgy industry


With the adjustment of the national industrial structure, non-ferrous smelting has developed rapidly in recent years. Many manufacturers have begun to use PSA oxygen generators in the smelters that use oxygen bottom blowing for lead smelting, copper smelting, zinc smelting, and antimony smelting, and oxygen leaching for gold smelting and nickel smelting.


2) Oxygen-enriched combustion field


The oxygen content in the air is ≤21%. The combustion of fuel in industrial boilers and industrial kilns also works under such air content. Practice shows that: when the oxygen content of the gas burned by the boiler reaches more than 25%, the energy saving is as high as 20%; the boiler start-up heating time is shortened by 1/2-2/3. Oxygen enrichment is to collect the oxygen in the air by physical methods, so that the oxygen enrichment content in the collected gas is 25%-30%.


3), paper industry


With the upgrading of the country's environmental protection requirements for papermaking processes, the requirements for the whiteness of pulp (including wood pulp, reed pulp, and bamboo pulp) are also getting higher and higher. The pulp production line that originally used chlorine bleaching should be gradually transformed into a chlorine-free bleaching pulp production line; The new pulp production line requires the use of chlorine-free bleaching technology. Pulp bleaching requires high-purity oxygen. The oxygen produced by the pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator meets the requirements, which is economical and environmentally friendly.