99.99% High-Purity Nitrogen Nitrogen System


Nitrogen has been widely used in industries such as chemical industry, electronics, metallurgy, food and machinery, and many factories will install industrial nitrogen machines. The gas purity is generally required to be 99.99%, and some require high-purity nitrogen to exceed 99.998%.


Purity is an important technical parameter of gases. For example, the purity of nitrogen is required to be 99.5% (O2 less than or equal to 0.5%), 99.99% (O2 less than or equal to 0.01%) and 99.999% (O2 less than or equal to 0.001%) respectively.


Zhongrui's high-purity flow nitrogen generation system uses air as raw material, purifies dry compressed air under a certain pressure, and operates under the pressure swing adsorption method. Due to kinetic effects, the diffusion rates of oxygen and ammonia on the surface of carbon molecular sieves are different. The diffusion rate of oxygen on the surface of carbon molecular sieves is much higher than that of ammonia.


When the adsorption equilibrium is not reached, the carbon molecular sieve adsorbs a large amount of oxygen, so that the ammonia gas is concentrated and enriched in the gas phase, and the separation of hydrogen gas and ammonia gas is realized. Due to the obvious difference in the adsorption capacity of oxygen on the carbon molecular sieve under different pressures, the oxygen molecules adsorbed on the carbon molecular sieve can be released again. The carbon molecular sieves can then be regenerated and reused. The system consists of two adsorption towers, one for gas generation and one for desorption regeneration. The imported PIC controls the circulation and alternates the two towers to realize the continuous production of high-quality nitrogen.