What are the periodic maintenance contents of oxygen production equipment?


The maintenance of equipment in the oxygen production system mainly includes the maintenance of air compressors, cold dryers, filters, and oxygen production hosts.

The periodic maintenance of the oil screw air compressor mainly involves the periodic replacement of the inlet air filter (which can be blocked by dust), as well as the annual replacement of the lubricating oil and oil separator. The maintenance of the compressor also includes regular replenishment and replacement of oil (if necessary). The oil-free piston air compressor also needs to regularly replace the piston ring and supplement the lubricating agent. To ensure the stable and reliable operation of the oxygen production system and the long service life of the compressor, it is necessary to maintain the compressor according to the recommended periodic maintenance methods and measures by the compressor manufacturer.

The periodic maintenance of air-cooled refrigerated dryers mainly involves regular blowing and cleaning of the discharge outlet; The water-cooled cold dryer mainly cleans the water condenser regularly to prevent clogging due to the precipitation of water scale. Please carefully read the operation, maintenance and operation manual of the cold dryer, and strictly follow the periodic maintenance methods and measures recommended by the cold dryer manufacturer to maintain the cold dryer.

The periodic maintenance of the filter mainly involves replacing the filter element regularly based on its usage. If the pressure difference of the filter is found to be too large, please replace the filter element in a timely manner. Please refer to the periodic maintenance methods and measures recommended by the filter manufacturer for maintenance.

The oxygen production host basically does not require periodic maintenance. Users can check whether the oxygen concentrator is operating normally during the annual overhaul of all equipment in the company. If normal, no maintenance is required.