How does a nitrogen generator work?


A nitrogen generator is a device used to produce high-purity nitrogen. Its working principle is based on the separation of oxygen and nitrogen in the air. The working principle of the nitrogen generator is relatively simple. Now let ZHONGRUI introduce it to you in detail.


How does a nitrogen generator work


Working principle of nitrogen generator:


1. Compressed air supply: The work of the nitrogen generator begins with the supply of compressed air. Usually, the air is compressed to a certain pressure by a compressor and then enters the nitrogen generator.


2. Molecular sieve adsorption: After the compressed air enters the nitrogen generator, it is processed by the molecular sieve adsorber. Molecular sieve is an efficient adsorbent that can selectively adsorb oxygen in the air. When compressed air passes through a molecular sieve, oxygen is adsorbed and nitrogen passes through.


3. Nitrogen collection: After the adsorber absorbs oxygen, the nitrogen generated is collected and stored. This nitrogen is of high purity to meet specific application requirements.


4. Adsorber regeneration: When the oxygen adsorbed by the molecular sieve reaches saturation, it needs to be regenerated. Nitrogen generators usually use two adsorbers, one for adsorbing oxygen and the other for regeneration. During the regeneration process, the adsorbed oxygen is released by reducing the pressure or providing higher purity nitrogen, allowing the molecular sieve to restore its adsorption capacity.


5. Continuous operation: The nitrogen generator can achieve continuous operation. While one adsorber adsorbs oxygen, the other adsorber is regenerated. Alternate the use of adsorbers to ensure continued nitrogen production.


The working principle of the nitrogen generator is based on molecular sieve adsorption technology, which produces high-purity nitrogen by selectively adsorbing oxygen. This equipment is widely used in various industries such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics, chemicals, etc. to provide applications such as nitrogen protection, inerting, oxygen removal and atmosphere control.


The above introduces to you "how a nitrogen generator works". To sum up, the nitrogen generator achieves the continuous generation of high-purity nitrogen through steps such as compressed air supply, molecular sieve adsorption, nitrogen collection and adsorber regeneration. It is a reliable, efficient device that meets the nitrogen needs of a variety of industrial applications.