What does nitrogen do


Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic gas that is widely used in daily life and industrial production. Nitrogen can be separated from the air through a nitrogen generator. So do you know what the functions of nitrogen are? Now I will introduce it to you in detail.


The role of nitrogen


1. Preservation: Nitrogen plays an important role in food processing and storage. Because nitrogen is chemically inactive against most microorganisms and oxygen-sensitive compounds, it is often used in food packaging to effectively extend the shelf life of food. By packaging food in packaging bags or containers containing nitrogen, oxygen oxidation and microbial contamination of food can be reduced, and the freshness and nutritional value of food can be maintained.


2. Make nitrogen air cushion: Nitrogen can also be used to make nitrogen air cushion, which is used to protect flammable and explosive items or used as a cooling medium in some high-temperature production environments.


3. Industrial production: Nitrogen is widely used in industrial production, such as metal processing, chemical production, electronic manufacturing and other fields. Nitrogen can be used for inerting protection to prevent metal oxidation; it can also be used in nitrogen atmosphere furnaces, nitrogen atmosphere welding and other processes.


4. Medical uses: In the medical field, nitrogen also plays an important role. For example, nitrogen can be used to create gas mixtures used in medical procedures such as anesthesia and respiratory therapy.


What I have introduced to you above is "What does nitrogen do?" As an important gas, nitrogen is widely used in food preservation, industrial production, medical purposes, etc. As a device for producing high-purity nitrogen, nitrogen generators provide reliable technical support to meet the nitrogen purity and supply needs of various industries. With the continuous development of science and technology, it is believed that nitrogen generators will be more widely used in the future, providing more support and guarantee for the development of various industries.