Efficient Industrial energy-saving oxygen generator
  • Efficient Industrial energy-saving oxygen generatorEfficient Industrial energy-saving oxygen generator

Efficient Industrial energy-saving oxygen generator

ZHONGRUI is one of the best 99.6% High-purified Industrial Oxygen Generator manufacturers and suppliers. Applications include medical, laboratory, food, industrial and other industries.

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Product Description

Industrial Oxygen Generator

1.Working principle of Efficient Industrial energy-saving oxygen generator

The working principle of the oxygen generator is to realize the production of oxygen through the technology of air separation. Household oxygen generators mainly use molecular sieve physical adsorption and desorption technology:


(1) Compressed air is used to separate nitrogen, argon and other gases from the air to obtain an oxygen-rich gas mixture.


(2) This mixture is fed into an oxygen generator containing an adsorption tower filled with molecular sieves. Molecular sieves can absorb oxygen but not other gases.


(3) When the oxygen in the adsorption tower is fully absorbed, it is necessary to stop the input of compressed air, and add another adsorption tower to start working, so that the previous adsorption tower can desorb and release oxygen.


(4) After several times of alternate adsorption and desorption, the concentration of oxygen is continuously increased, and the required purity level can be reached for human use.


2. key features of Efficient Industrial energy-saving oxygen generator

(1). Energy-efficient: The device is designed to consume less power and operate at high efficiency, reducing energy costs and carbon footprint.


(2). High-purity oxygen: The oxygen generator produces high-purity oxygen with a purity level of up to 95%, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.


(3). Continuous supply: The device provides a continuous supply of oxygen, eliminating the need for oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen.


(4). Easy to operate: The oxygen generator has a user-friendly interface and automatic controls, making it easy to operate and maintain.


(5). Compact design: The device has a compact design, making it easy to install and use in small spaces.


(6). Durable: The oxygen generator is made of high-quality materials and is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, ensuring long-lasting performance.


(7). Cost-effective: The device is a cost-effective solution for industrial applications that require a reliable and continuous supply of high-purity oxygen, helping businesses save money on oxygen costs.


3. Advantages of Efficient Industrial energy-saving oxygen generator

(1) High efficiency and energy saving: the oxygen generator adopts advanced technology and design, which can produce oxygen efficiently, save energy and reduce production cost.


(2) Stable and reliable: the oxygen generator adopts high-quality materials and parts, which has stable and reliable performance, can run stably for a long time and reduce maintenance and repair costs.


(3) Simple operation: the oxygen generator adopts intelligent control system, which is simple to operate, can automatically control the production and supply of oxygen, reduce manual intervention and improve production efficiency.


(4) Safety and environmental protection: the oxygen generator adopts advanced oxygen production technology, which can produce high-purity oxygen, reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, protect the environment and meet the requirements of environmental protection.


(5) Multifunctional: The oxygen generator can produce oxygen with different purity, which is suitable for different industrial applications and has a wide application prospect.


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