Medical Oxygen Generator
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Medical Oxygen Generator

PSA medical oxygen machine has the advantages of easy oxygen supply operation, fast oxygen production, and high purity, which reduces the burden of medical work and facilitates medical staff and patients.

Oxygen Capacity: 1-200Nm³/hr
Oxygen Purity: 90-95%
Oxygen Pressure: 0.1-0.5Mpa (150-200Bar Refilling Pressure can be offered)

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Product Description

China Medical Oxygen Generator Manufacturers

China Medical Oxygen Generator Suppliers

Oxygen is used in many areas. For example, artificially produced oxygen is used in fish farming, drinking water treatment, metallurgy, biogas plants, and in the food industry. Oxygen must be available in a specific purity, mainly when used in the medical field, e.g. in the operating theatres of hospitals and veterinary clinics. In this regard, purity indicates the proportion of oxygen in the total gas mixture.

Medical oxygen generator from a China factory can produce medical oxygen, which has an oxygen purity of 93%-95%, meets the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia for medical gases as well as ISO standards 7396-1:2016 for pipeline systems for medical gases and 13485:2016 for the quality management system for medical device manufacturers.


1.Parameter (Specification) of Medical Oxygen Generator


Model Capacity Purity
ZRO-3 3Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-5 5Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-10 10Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-20 20Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-30 30Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-50 50Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-100 100Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-150 150Nm³/h 90-95%
ZRO-200 200Nm³/h 90-95%


China PSA medical oxygen generator manufacturer uses clean compressed air as raw material and zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS) as adsorbent, to produce oxygen gas with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology at normal temperature. ZMS is a round granular adsorbent full of micropores inside and outside, which has the characteristic of selective adsorption. N2 has a higher diffusion rate while O2 has a lower, therefore N2 is adsorbed into ZMS while O2 is out of it. By controlling the on/off state of the pneumatic valves by PLC, adsorbing under pressure and regenerating without pressure, to separate nitrogen and oxygen gas, and create a continuous flow of oxygen with require purity.


2.Introduction of Medical Oxygen Generator


Medical Oxygen Generator


3. Features of Medical Oxygen Generator manufacturer

1) Adopt a human-computer interface and intelligent control to make simple operations and supply qualified oxygen gas quickly.

2) The high-efficiency filling technology of molecular sieve makes ZMS much tighter, firmer, and longer service life.

3) Adopt international famous brands PLC and pneumatic valves, to switch automatically and make operation more stable.

4) Pressure, purity, and flow rate are stable and adjustable, and can meet different requirements of customers.

5) Compact structure, nice appearance, and small occupation area.


4. Applications of Medical Oxygen Generator Supplier



• Be you own supplier

• On-site and mobile solutions

• Produce gas when and where you need it

• Get a solution that exactly fits your needs

Cost Savings

• Low installation and running costs

• run on electricity only

• Minimum maintenance

• Having your own supply prevents downtime due to gas shortage

• Quick pay-back - often less than a year

Easy Operation

• Fully automated oxygen generators

• Minimum maintenance

• Easy installation and operation

High Quality

• Only quality components are used

• Durable and reliable oxygen generators


5. Shipment of Medical Oxygen Generator supplier


Medical Oxygen Generator made in China

Medical Oxygen Generator manufacturers

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