What are the functions of nitrogen


Do you know which gas is most common in the atmosphere? According to experimental measurements, the gases that make up air are about 78% nitrogen, 21% by volume oxygen, 0.94% by volume of rare gases, 0.03% by volume of carbon dioxide, and 0.03% by weight of other gases and impurities. That said, nitrogen is the most common substance in the air. We can separately extract nitrogen with a purity of more than 99% through a nitrogen generator. The role of nitrogen is very large, now we will introduce what are the functions of nitrogen?


nitrogen generator


1. Anti-corrosion and grain storage


Why do factories usually fill inflated foods, like potato chips, with nitrogen instead of air? Originally, the purpose of aeration was to extend the shelf life and ensure that the food did not become moldy and spoiled. Air has oxygen in it, which oxidizes and deteriorates food, so it's not suitable for aerating. Nitrogen is a very common shielding gas. Nitrogen is chemically inactive and difficult to react with other substances at room temperature, so it is widely used in the manufacture of preservatives and is also suitable for inflatable packaging.


2. light bulb


When the bulb is working, the temperature of the inner tungsten filament increases, which reacts with the residual oxygen in the bulb and oxidizes the filament. Therefore, we often use it for its "solitaryness", low activity, and difficulty in reacting with the filament at high temperatures. Filling the lamp with nitrogen can prevent the oxidation of the tungsten wire, slow down the evaporation rate of the tungsten wire, and prolong the life of the lamp.


3. Tires


Improve the stability and comfort of tire driving Chlorine gas is an almost inert diatomic gas with extremely inactive chemical properties. The gas molecules are larger than oxygen molecules, and it is not easy to expand with heat and contract with cold, and the deformation range is small. The air is about 30~40% slower, which can maintain stable tire pressure, improve the stability of tire driving, and ensure driving comfort; the audio conductivity of nitrogen is low, which is equivalent to 1/5 of ordinary air, and the use of nitrogen can effectively reduce tire damage. Noise, improve driving tranquility. Compared with ordinary high-pressure air, high-purity nitrogen has low thermal expansion coefficient, low thermal conductivity, and slow temperature rise because it is oxygen-free and almost contains no water or oil. , so it can greatly reduce the chance of a blowout.


4. Antioxidant


When producing glass, ammonia gas can be used as a protective gas to avoid oxidation of the tin bath.


5. Can make fertilizer


Ammonia can be made into fertilizer, which is the raw material for making chlorophyll and protein.


6. Used in medical and health care, etc.


Ammonia can also be used in medical and sanitation, etc., and this gas has made an important contribution to medical and sanitation.


The above is the role of nitrogen gas, which shows that the role of nitrogen gas is very large. If we want to obtain nitrogen gas, we can use High-Pressure Nitrogen Gas Equipment, 99.9995% Nitrogen Making System, etc. to achieve it. If you have nitrogen needs , please contact ZHONGRUI, the nitrogen generator we produce can help you achieve the refining effect of high-purity nitrogen.