How is medical oxygen generated


Hospitals are places where patients are received and treated. Medical oxygen is widely used in hospitals, especially for seriously ill patients. They need to continuously deliver oxygen to critically ill patients to ensure normal breathing of patients. The purity of medical oxygen is very high, which can normally guarantee the life passage of seriously ill patients. Medical oxygen is not the same as the oxygen in our air. Medical oxygen needs to be produced by an oxygen generator. So, how is medical oxygen generated?


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Manufacturing method of medical oxygen:


Firstly, the oxygen in the atmosphere is separated by the cryogenic separation method through the oxygen generator, and then undergoes multiple compressions and cooling, and then undergoes a low-temperature treatment at minus -183°C to convert the gaseous oxygen into liquid oxygen, and repeatedly rectifies and purifies to remove dust, impurities, and carbon monoxide. , carbon dioxide and water vapor are recompressed and gasified to directly fill the oxygen cylinder. In this way, medical oxygen is made.


The national standard for the purity of bottled medical oxygen is ≥99.5%, and the country does not stipulate the medical oxygen standard for the oxygen produced by the oxygen generator. Regardless of whether the oxygen generator uses molecular sieve oxygen or oxygen-enriched membrane oxygen; the purity of oxygen is lower than that of bottled medical oxygen. When using the oxygen generator to inhale oxygen, be sure to open the window for ventilation or lead the air collection pipe of the oxygen generator to the outside to increase the oxygen concentration.


How does a medical oxygen concentrator work?


An oxygen concentrator is like an air conditioner in our home, it takes air, changes it and delivers it in a different form (cold air). Medical oxygen is generated from ambient air and delivered to people who need it due to low oxygen levels in the blood. In the past, medical institutions relied mostly on oxygen cylinders and Dewars, but since the technology developed, hospitals and nursing homes prefer on-site medical oxygen concentrators because of their cost-effective, effective and safe disposal.


It is not a problem to produce medical oxygen through advanced technology. Not only is it convenient for patients who need oxygen, but also medical oxygen can be bottled and used at home. Recommend>>>Mobile Container Oxygen Generator


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