What are the contents of factory inspection for oxygen concentrators?


1. Appearance inspection

Before the equipment leaves the factory, it is necessary to visually inspect all the appearances we provide. This includes whether the paint color of the equipment is consistent, whether the surface is flat, whether there are bumps and scratches, whether the welds are polished clean, whether there are burrs and residual welding slag, whether the equipment structure is reasonable and beautiful, whether the chassis is stable, and whether the wiring of the electrical control part is neat and free of hidden dangers.

2. Sealing inspection

In our factory, connect the oxygen production equipment with the air compressor and air pre-treatment equipment, conduct a trial run of the entire system, and inspect the pipelines and valves inside the oxygen production machine for any air leakage.

3. Electrical control and instrument inspection

During the trial operation of our factory equipment, inspect the electrical control according to the methods in this manual Whether the system is operating normally, and whether all pressure gauges, flow meters, and other instruments are working properly.

4. Technical indicators detection

In our factory, simulate the user's complete set of oxygen production equipment usage conditions and requirements, connect the oxygen production equipment with the air compressor and air pre-treatment equipment, test the entire system, and detect the actual gas production, purity, dew point and other parameters of the oxygen production machine to determine whether the equipment meets the technical indicators specified in the contract. If the indicators are not met, analyze the reasons and make appropriate adjustments to the equipment until the specified technical indicators are met.

5. Equipment packaging inventory

After the factory inspection of all provided equipment is completed, the equipment that needs to be packaged shall be packaged suitable for transportation before the entire set of equipment is transported. At the same time, count all equipment according to the equipment delivery list in the contract, without any omissions, and package or prepare all equipment for transportation.