99.6% High-purity Liquid Oxygen Generator
  • 99.6% High-purity Liquid Oxygen Generator99.6% High-purity Liquid Oxygen Generator

99.6% High-purity Liquid Oxygen Generator

As a Quality Assurance of high-quality Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Plant supplier, our plants have strict contract auditing involving all departments to assure the feasibility of each order.
Liquid Oxygen Capacity: 50-1300Nm³/hr
Liquid Oxygen Purity: ≥99.6%
Liquid Oxygen Pressure: 0.2Mpa

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction of 99.6% High-purity Liquid Oxygen Generator

Cryogenic liquid oxygen plants solve the technical problems of gas volatilization when filling low-temperature gas cylinders. The liquid oxygen filling device of the low-temperature gas cylinder includes a liquid oxygen tank and a low-temperature gas cylinder. The low-temperature gas cylinder is equipped with a liquid phase valve and gas phase valve respectively.


Compared to gaseous air separation plants, cryogenic liquid oxygen plants need more cooling consumption.

According to the different yield of cryogenic liquid oxygen plants, we adopt various refrigerating cycle processes, like booster-expanding refrigeration, low-temperature pre-cooler refrigeration, and recycling compressor with high-low pressure expander refrigeration, etc. to reduce the power consumption.

DCS or PLC systems are used, aided by on-site instruments, to make the complete system stable, reliable, and easy to operate.


Our 99.6% high-purity liquid oxygen generator applies advanced on-site oxygen generator technology. 99.6% high-purity liquid oxygen generators are flexible, reliable and economic. Our  experts ensure your needs with safe, reliable conveying supply and cryogenic tank installation. This eliminates the handling of cylinders, reduces contact with pressurized gas, and makes conveying time far less than common need.


2. Quality Assurance of 99.6% High-purity Liquid Oxygen Generator

1) Strict contract auditing involved all departments to assure the feasibility of each order.

2) Process design and validation before bulk production.

3) Strictly control on all raw and auxiliary materials, all raw materials reach the world's advanced level.

4) On-site inspection of all processes, inspection record keeps traceable for 3 years.

5) All inspectors are skilled with international certificates.

6) Qualified and professional welders guarantee welding quality.

7) 100% inspection of finished systems before shipment.

8) Regular training for inspection staff


Advanced Technology:

PSA, the pressure swing adsorption, separates oxygen from nitrogen and filters out harmful substances in the air. This technology is applied to produce high concentrations of oxygen that meet medical standards. Our 99.6% high-purity liquid oxygen generator provides you with 95% ±3% pure oxygen to meet all requirements under any circumstances. The installation and operation costs of our 99.6% high-purity liquid oxygen generator are far less than that of bottled or liquefied oxygen generator.


Great Features:

1. The performance of our 99.6% high-purity liquid oxygen generator is more stable. And the complete set of air circuit is the low pressure system, making the operation is more safe and reliable. 

2. Air as raw material has lowed power consumption and lowed cost of oxygen production. 

3. Our 99.6% high-purity liquid oxygen generator is easy to operate with continuous oxygen supply. The oxygen supply is sufficient and the machine operation makes low noise.


High-quality services

We have focused on Oxygen generator technology for many years. We will provide sufficient, free customer service. We can also guarantee the worry-free, time-saving and labor-saving after-sale services for you.


Customized products:

In order to satisfied different needs of various enterprise, we will provide customized products with same first-class manufacturing and high-quality material. Self-brand maintenance factory manufacturers all kinds of equipment parts supply industry first-line brand authentic gadgets.


With many years of experience in this field, Zhongrui is an expanding and creative manufacturer that produces 99.6% high-purity liquid oxygen generator, 99-99.999% Moveable Nitrogen System, 99.9% Purity liquid nitrogen equipment, argon liquefaction systems, temperature storage systems and more. Applications include medical, laboratory, food, industrial and other industries.


3.Shipment of 99.6% High-purity Liquid Oxygen Generator

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