High-quality Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Plant
  • High-quality Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen PlantHigh-quality Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Plant

High-quality Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Plant

As a Quality Assurance of high-quality Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Plant supplier, our plants have strict contract auditing involving all departments to assure the feasibility of each order.
Liquid Oxygen Capacity: 50-1300Nm³/hr
Liquid Oxygen Purity: ≥99.6%
Liquid Oxygen Pressure: 0.2Mpa

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Product Description

High quality cryogenic liquid oxygen device is a professional equipment for the preparation and storage of liquid oxygen, which is composed of compression, cooling, separation, purification, evaporation and other parts. The following is the introduction of its products.


Working principle

The high quality cryogenic liquid oxygen device removes impurities such as nitrogen and water in the air through multiple stages of compression and cooling treatment, so as to obtain high purity liquid oxygen. The device is usually composed of multistage compressor, air precooler, air impurity separator, purifier, liquid oxygen evaporator and so on. Among them, the multistage compressor gradually compresses the air to a certain pressure, and then enters the air precooler for cooling. The gas then enters the air impurity separator, which is removed by an adsorbent. Next, the gas goes to the purifier to remove residual water and other impurity particles. Finally, the gas is transformed into liquid oxygen through the liquid oxygen evaporator and stored in the liquid oxygen storage tank for user use.


Equipment characteristics

a. High purity: High quality cryogenic liquid oxygen device can produce high purity liquid oxygen, which can meet the demand for high quality oxygen in medical, aviation, industrial and other fields.

b. High efficiency and energy saving: The device adopts multi-stage compression and refrigeration technology, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

c. Safe and reliable: The device has built-in various safety protection measures, such as temperature sensor, pressure sensor, safety valve, etc., which can avoid accidents due to oxygen leakage.

d. Flexibility: High quality cryogenic liquid oxygen device is suitable for different specifications and capacity of liquid oxygen storage tank to meet the different needs of users.

e. Easy operation: The operation interface of the device is simple and intuitive, easy to operate, convenient for users to use.  At the same time, it is also equipped with fault self-diagnosis function, can automatically detect and alarm, to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment.


Scope of application

High quality cryogenic liquid oxygen equipment is widely used in medical, aviation, industrial and other fields, to provide users with high quality, high purity liquid oxygen supply services. Among them, in the medical field, the device can provide high quality oxygen for oxygen therapy, operating rooms and emergency vehicles, etc.


Service support

In order to ensure the user experience, the high quality cryogenic liquid oxygen device provides perfect after-sales service support, including equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, technical consultation and other services, to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment.


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